Chapter 7

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Monday 19th August 2019

"Nineteen listen up" Captain bishop said as she walked into the beanery "This is Dr Robbins she will be assisting Warren in the PRT for the next week" she said introducing the blonde to the team. "Make yourself acquainted with everyone and I have some uniforms in my office for you when you are ready" Maya said to the Dr before turning away to walk out of the beanery. "Good morning Delcua" Maya said as she walked past Carina sitting at reception not getting a response from the brunette.

"This is captain bishop's office" Arizona said "it is yeah" Carina said without looking up from her computer screen "Carina" the blonde questioned "Arizona oh my gosh what are you doing here" Carina asked "I'm working with Warren on the PRT this week" the blonde said "Don't you work on the PRT" Arizona asked "I do yes I am on desk duty for a week though so you are my replacement" Carina said "I'm sorry I didn't know" Arizona said "that's okay not your fault" the brunette replied "well I am going to go and work some things out with Bishop but we should get drinks later if you are up for it" the blonde said "I would love to" Carina agreed.

Tuesday 20th August 2019

"Good Morning Delcua" Maya said as she walked past the brunette at reception once again Carina completely ignoring her and keeping her eyes on the computer screen. "Carina" Arizona exclaimed as she walked through the front door "Good Morning" Carina replied "you were out early this morning everything okay" Arizona asked "sorry I had to be here early to go through some things" Carina replied "okay well I am going to go upstairs and get ready see you later" Arizona said leaning over and pressing a kiss to the Italians lips just as Maya walked back out of her office.

"Sorry Captain" Arizona said as she pulled away and walked upstairs Maya just laughed and went up to get coffee from the beanery. "You really do have a type don't you" Maya said as she walked past Carina and back to her office "you don't get to have a say on who I see" Carina said as she walked into Maya's office "so you're talking to me now" Maya asked "No I'm not, just don't comment on my sex life" Carina said before marching out of the blondes office and back to the front desk.

Wednesday 21st August 2019

"I need a drink" Maya said as the team sat at a table at Joe's "anyone want shots" Maya asked followed by a lot of head nods. "Do you want a drink" Carina asked as her and Arizona entered the bar "Yes please I will meet you at the table" Arizona said.

"Two white wines please Joe" Carina said as she got to the bar "you got it Doc" he said turning around to grab the 2 glasses. "How are you" Maya asked as she turned around seeing the brunette standing behind her "I'm good and how are you" Carina replied "I am good also" Maya said "Can we talk actually" Maya asked "No you have already said plenty" Carina said grabbing the two glasses of wine and walking to the table.

"I have to go to the hospital" Arizona said as she got a 911 page "oh uhh okay do you want me to come with you" Carina asked "no that's okay stay here have fun I will message you" Arizona said kissing Carina quickly before saying her goodbyes and walking out of the bar.

Thursday 22nd August 2019

"Captain how did it go with the girl from last night" Vic asked as her , Carina , Andy and Maya sat at the table "It was fine" Maya replied "It's always fine" Vic said "we need more details" Vic added "it was just fine  we had sex and then she left last night that's it" Maya said "you are so harsh you never let any of them sleep the night" Vic said laughing and Carina instantly perked up knowing Maya let her sleep over afterwards "Only the important ones get to sleep" Maya said before standing up and walking out of the beanery.

"You are not allowed to do that" Carina said as she barged into Maya's office "Do what exactly" the blonde asked "make comments about how only people you care about sleep over" Carina said "that's the truth" Maya said "if that's true you wouldn't have ended whatever this is.. was without taking my feelings into account" Carina said "Car.." Maya went to say "no I'm talking.. you said you can't feel like that everytime I run towards something dangerous, but did you ever think how I feel when you run into burning houses to save a stupid dog or run through a fire to get your team out" Carina said as a tear ran down her cheek. "I'm sorry I didn't realise" Maya said rounding the desk to stand infront of the brunette "Just tell me you don't have feelings for me and I will forget whatever this is and I will stop ignoring you we can be friends if you admit that" Carina said.

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