Chapter 26

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Wednesday 8th April 2020

Maya was sat in her office waiting for her girlfriend to call her like she said she would tonight but yet again she still hadn't, Maya knew she shouldn't be annoyed at her girlfriend and that she was probably working real hard on her study but today she really needed to hear her girlfriends voice. "Uhh this won't do" Maya sighed pulling herself up from her chair and walking out to the beanery "Hey Chief" Andy said "Hi" Maya shortly replied "What's up with you" Andy asked "This long distance thing sucks" the blonde said "She still hasn't called" the brunette asked "No" Maya replied.

"I needed to hear her voice today and see her face" The blonde said pouring herself a glass of water "never mind I am going to sleep" The blonde announced walking back to her office and into her bunk before sending Carina a message "Hi baby call me when you can" the blonde sent before throwing her phone onto the bed and deciding to get a couple of hours sleep.

"Ahh" Maya mumbled as the sound of her phone ringing pulled her out of the very deep sleep she was having. The blonde grabbed her phone opening her eyes to see Carina requesting to FaceTime so she quickly swiped and answered her call.

"Hi Bambina" Carina said "Hi baby" Maya said back rubbing her eyes "Sorry did I wake you" the brunette asked "yeah but it's okay" The blonde said. "Where are you" Maya asked "In my office" Carina said turning her phone around to show off her office "Still at work at 2am in the morning" The American asked "Si busy day today and I need to write all the notes and reports" the doctor replied.

"You alright you look a little spaced" Carina asked "Yeah we had a tough call is all" Maya replied "Do you want to talk about it" the brunette asked "We lost 5 children today" the blonde said "Five" Carina asked "Mhm there was a fire at a foster house and they were all stuck we tried so hard to get them all out but the parents had explosives in the basement so the whole house went up before we could even get everyone out" Maya explained "I'm so sorry bambina" Carina said "Not your fault" the blonde said.

"Sorry I didn't call you earlier I was just so busy" Carina said "It's okay because I am seeing you now" Maya said "Gosh I know it has only been a week but I miss you already" the brunette said "I miss you too" Maya replied. "How's Lily" the Italian asked "she's good actually she did a drawing of the three of us the other day it is really cute I'll send you a picture" Maya said smiling for the first time this whole call "one second bambina" Carina said as someone knocked on her office door.

"Dr Deluca" A Women's voice said "Gabriella" Carina said "There is a mom is labour and the OB on call isn't answering, you don't have to but would you mind helping out please" Dr Aurora asked "Yeah sure I'll be 2 minutes" Carina said "Okay perfect" Gabriella said before shutting the Italians office door.

"I'm sorry bambina I have to go" Carina said "It's okay" Maya said "Who's that" the blonde asked "Uh Dr Aurora, she is a doctor here the only other Italian in this place" Carina said "Oh okay" Maya said not being able to help the jealousy washing over her "Maya" the brunette said "Yes" Maya asked "You don't need to be jealous she is just a work colleague okay" The Italian said "Okay" the blonde said "Okay I love you so much but I have to go" Carina said "Love you too" Maya said.


"Mommy" Lily said from her place on the couch "Yes baby" Maya said "When is Carina coming back to visit" The young blonde asked "Not for a few weeks baby she has to settle in" Maya said "I miss her already" Lily said "I know baby" The older blonde said pulling her daughter closer to her and wrapping her arms around her tiny body.

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