Chapter 46

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Monday 27th July 2020

"To you room now" Maya said as both her and Carina's mouths dropped open in pure shock "No" Lily said "take your dinner and go to your room right now Lily I am not playing" Maya said more firm "Maya just leave it" Carina said clearing her throat and standing up, walking to the fridge and grabbing a bottle of wine and two glasses before making her way back to the table. "I ate can I go now" Lily asked after she had a few bites "yeah go" Maya said.

"Baby" the blonde said reaching across the table and grabbing her fiancée's hand "Mhm" Carina hummed lifting her head up and wiping a tear off her cheek "I'm sorry" Maya said "Not your fault" Carina said clearing her throat again "I will talk to her" the blonde offered "No don't it's okay Maya" Carina said "I guess when she is angry at me that is going to be the thing she says" the Italian said shrugging her shoulders "She just had a hard day at school she didn't mean it" Maya said "It's okay Maya really" Carina said walking her plate to the kitchen and starting to clean up "I'll do it baby just go into bed I will be 5 minutes" Maya said pressing a kiss to her fiancée's cheek.

"Mommy" Lily said shyly walking out into the kitchen "What" Maya asked "I'm sorry" the young blonde said "I know" Maya simply replied "I didn't mean it does mama hate me now" Lily asked starting to cry "come here baby" Maya said drying her hands off and lifting her daughter onto the bench. "I know you were angry and upset okay but you can't say things like that you have to decide if you want Carina to be your mama or not and you can't decide you do and then throw it in her face that she isn't" Maya said holding her daughters face in her hands. "I'm sorry" Lily cried "I know baby shh" the oldest Bishop said pulling her daughter in for a hug.

"Where is Mama" Lily asked pulling away from Maya "In our room" Maya said lifting her daughter of the bench and putting her on the floor "I am going to go say sorry" Lily stated "Okay baby" the older blonde said nodding her head. "Mama" Lily said knocking on the door walking in to see Carina crouched over the toilet bowl throwing up "Mommy" Lily shouted running straight to Carina's side "Mama are you okay" Lily asked "Yeah I'm okay" Carina said suddenly feeling the urge to throw up once again.

"Mommy" Lily shouted again "What's wrong Lily" Maya asked walking into the bedroom "Oh shit Carina are you okay baby" Maya asked dropping to the floor next to her fiancée "Mhm" the brunette hummed wiping her mouth and flushing the toilet. "Lily go and brush your teeth okay" Maya said "Okay" Lily said walking and leaving the two alone "Are you sick" Maya asked putting her head to her fiancée's head "You don't feel hot" Maya added "I'm not sick sick Maya" Carina said grabbing her tooth brush and the tooth paste beginning to brush her teeth.

"I don't know what happened just since she said what she said I felt sick to my stomach" Carina admitted once she had brushed her teeth "She didn't mean it, she was coming to apologise she was just in tears in the kitchen" Maya said "I know she didn't mean it but just my papa said that she isn't mine and then she said I'm not her mama and I don't know I had the urge to throw up" the Italian said "go and check she is okay" Carina said "Okay I'll be right back" Maya said walking out of her bedroom spotting Lily sitting in a ball crying in the hallway "Baby" Maya said.

"Mama is mad at me" Lily sobbed "I made her sick" the young blonde said starting to choke on her tears "Bambina hey hey I'm not mad at you" Carina said walking past Maya and to Lily's side the young girl quick to jump into Carina's lap "I'm sorry mama" Lily said "I know baby it's okay" Carina said rubbing her hand up and down the young girls back. "You are my mama" Lily cried "I'm sorry I said that I just miss you being here often like you used to be" the young blonde said "I know baby I know you need to take some deep breaths of me okay" Carina asked "In and out" the Italian added doing her own deep breaths for Lily to follow along with her.

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