Chapter 54

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Thursday 1st October 2020

"Bambina where are my car keys" Carina shouted to her fiancée from the kitchen "In the bowl where they go" the blonde shot back "I didn't leave them in the bowl though that's why I asked" the brunette replied "I know that because you never put anything where it is supposed to go" the blonde said an annoyed tone lacing her voice "What is your issue this morning" Carina asked handing the blonde a coffee in her travel mug "I'm just tired is all" Maya said "Thankyou for this" the blonde added with a soft smile "Lily are you ready to go" Carina shouted to their daughter "Why are you yelling everything I have a head ache" Maya said "I'm sorry I just don't want to be late" the brunette said grabbing her handbag followed by Maya grabbing her back pack.

"Lily we are leaving now" Maya yelled followed by little foot steps running towards the front door "Okay I am here" Lily said running out the front door and towards Maya's car "Can you drop me at work and Lily at school I can't drive right now" Maya asked "okay Bambina" Carina said unlocking her car and climbing into the drivers seat. "Bambina are you sure you feel okay" the Italian asked "mhm yeah all good just tired and have a headache" Maya replied. "You are getting sick" Carina said moving her hand to her fiancée's forehead to feel her temperature "You are hot" the brunette said "Thanks baby so are you" Maya said throwing her fiancée a wink.

"No not that hot" Carina said chuckling "Well you are hot but I am talking temperature hot bambina take your temp when you get to the station I think I may have gotten you sick and you don't want to infect the whole station" the brunette said "I am fine thank you though mom" Maya said rolling her eyes playfully. "Have a good day at school today bambina uncle Andrew is going to pick you up okay" Maya said "What" Carina asked annoyed "Bye mommy bye mama" Lily said "Have a good day bambina we love you" the brunette said before the young girl shut the car door and the two women watched their daughter walk into school.

"Why is Andrea picking her up" Carina asked "He asked me if he could spend some more time with her" Maya said shrugging her shoulders "No" the brunette said "Yes he is taking his medication baby and he is sleeping and eating he is well and he wants to know his sisters daughter so I am letting him" Maya replied "You don't know that" Carina shot back "I do know that and I trust him even if he was manic I would trust him with our daughter and he is watching her this afternoon until you get home from work" the blonde said firmly. "Whatever Maya" Carina sighed pulling into the station "See you tomorrow" Maya said leaning over and pressing a kiss to her fiancée's lips "I love you" the blonde added pulling away "I love you too" Carina simply replied.

"Andy welcome back" Maya grinned walking into the station to see her bestfriend talking to Travis at the front desk "Maya you look like hell are you okay" Andy asked concerned "Mhm all good I have a lot of paper work to do I'll be in my office if anyone needs me" the blonde said before walking upstairs and into her office just as she got a notification that her fiancée had sent her a text "If you feel unwell at all today just call me and I will come and get you and take you home" the message read causing the blonde to roll her eyes because she doesn't get sick and even if she did she would power through it and continue working.


"Lily" Andrew exclaimed seeing the small blonde walking towards him where he was stood out the front of her school "Uncle Andrea" Lily said wrapping her arms around the Italian's neck "Hi bambina" Andrew said picking the blonde up and resting her on her hip "How was school" the brunette asked "It was good we got to watch a movie in class" Lily said excitedly "Did you wow what did you watch" Andrea asked "We watched The Lion King" the young blonde said "One of my favourites" the Italian replied.

"So I spoke to your mommy and she has given me permission to take you to get ice cream would you like that" Andrew asked "Mama said it was okay" Lily asked "Mama was in surgery when I called but I am sure she won't mind" Andrew said strapping the young girl into his sisters car that he had borrowed for the afternoon. "Why do you have mama's car" Lily asked confused as the two drove towards the ice cream parlour "You are a bambina so you need to have a car seat and I don't have one in my car so I am borrowing mama's car and Carina is going to bring mine back to your house" Andrea said "Okay" Lily replied.

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