Chapter 55

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Thursday 1st October 2020

"Carina" Maya breathed out moving around in the CT machine "Maya it's Amelia I need you to lay really still for me please" Amelia asked "Get me Carina" Maya said "She is right here" Amelia said gesturing for Carina to talk into the microphone "Bambina we need you to lay still for us please" Carina asked "Okay" Maya simply replied feeling relaxed now she had heard her fiancée's voice.

"It looks fine right" Carina said when the scan was loading up on the screen "Yes it's perfect I honestly think it was a high fever seizure" the neuro surgeon said "She had a fever of 105 when she came into the ER so that is dangerously high she should of been in emergency 4 hours ago" Amelia said standing up and walking towards the CT room to get Maya out "Idiot" Carina said rolling her eyes. "We will keep her overnight for observation and get her fever down pump her full of fluids, in the morning I will do one more CT to make sure there were no effects on her brain but she will be okay to go home" Amelia said before opening the door.

"I am just going to let Andy know what is happening tell her I will meet her in her room" Carina said before walking back towards the waiting room "Carina is she okay" Andy asked quickly standing up "Si she is just an idiot" the Italian replied "What" Andy asked confused "I was sick a few days ago and I took time off to rest but Maya she wouldn't rest when she knew she was getting sick when you bought her in she had a temp of 105 so she knew she had a temperature she didn't take any further medication for it and landed herself in the hospital" Carina said annoyance lacing her voice. "Can i see her" Andy asked "Yeah she is in room 1122 I have to go and sort some things out then I will be there" the Italian said before walking off to her office.


"Hi" Andy said popping her head around the door "Hi" Maya croaked out "How are you feeling" the brunette asked "Better I'm just tired" the blonde replied "Good because that means I can do this" Andy said before walking up to her best friend and slapping her arm "You are an idiot" Andy scoffed "You knew you were sick and you came into the station with your high fevers telling everyone you were fine refusing to take medication" Andy said "I didn't have a fever" Maya said "Maya you had a fever of 105 and you had a seizure because of it" the Latina said "Oh" the blonde replied "yeah oh I am glad you are okay but I'm afraid you have not had the worse of it yet" Andy said "Carina" Maya replied.

"Mhm she is on the warpath or something and you are going to get yelled at when she comes here" Andy said "I can handle my fiancée don't worry" the blonde replied with a slight chuckle "No I have never seen her like this she wasn't even yelling she had like this calm assertive whisper yell going on I must admit even I was scared talking to her and I'm not the one in trouble" the brunette replied "Don't worry I have a plan to avoid the wrath of my angry fiancée I just need you to get my phone please" Maya asked "Okay but I did not help you" the brunette said "Deal" Maya replied chuckling softly.


"Maya Bishop" Carina said annoyed walking into the blondes hospital room "Hi mama" Lily said jumping off the bed and walking towards the doctor "Hi bambina what are you doing here" Carina asked confused "Mommy asked uncle Andrea to bring me here to see her" Lily replied "She did huh" the brunette said shooting her fiancée a look "she missed us" Maya offered "You don't get to speak" Carina said "Why mama" Lily asked confused "Nothing baby how about we go and find Sofia and Ellis I think they are here today" the brunette asked "Okay see you later mommy" Lily said taking hold of Carina's hand and walking out of the hospital room.

"Arizona is Sofia here" Carina asked "Yes her and Ellis are in my office" Arizona replied "Can you take Lily there I need to speak to Maya" the brunette asked "Of course come by and get her whenever you want" Arizona said taking Lily's hand from Carina's. "Where is our daughter" Maya asked confused when her fiancée walked back into the room alone "I know why you did that and it may have been smart but you aren't getting out of this" Carina said taking a seat on Maya's bed. "I'm sorry" Maya said but was cut off by her fiancée "No I am speaking okay" Carina said taking a deep breath "You knew you were sick and you didn't care, you went to work when I told you not to you didn't take any further medication for your temperature" Carina said starting to list off the things her fiancée did wrong.

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