Chapter 47

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Saturday 29th August 2020

Maya, Andy and Kathrine made there way down the street take away cups of coffee's in hand as they walked towards the dress shop Maya had made an appointment at. "I can't believe my baby is getting married" Kathie said as they stood out the front of the dress shop staring up at the large doors "Neither can I let's get this over with" the blonde said walking up the stairs where a gentlemen in a suit greeted them and opened the door for them.

"Good afternoon you must be Maya" a younger girl said quick to appear in front of the three women "that's me" Maya said "Amazing I am Chloe and I will be helping you today okay do you have any idea of what exactly you want" Chloe asked 'Mhm I do actually I have a few photos here" Maya said pulling out her phone and showing the young girl 3 similar dresses "Perfect I have a few things like that actually I will get them and hang them on the rack for you" Chloe said.

"You two can sit here and enjoy the champagne whilst Maya gets into the dresses okay" Chloe said leading the three women to a red couch in front of the change rooms "Perfect thank you" Andy said quick to pop the champagne "How is Mateo doing" Maya asked as the brunette poured them all a glass of champagne "His good he misses his aunties time for you to visit" Andy said "We will we wanted to let you settle in as much as you could and get into a routine before barging over and spoiling our godson you know" Maya said "I know I know maybe you and Carina can take him for a night let Robert an I have a date night" Andy asked hopeful "Of course I just have to check with Carina when exactly she has a night off" the blonde said.


"Do you think it will take you long to choose" Vic asked as Carina, Travis , Lily and her walked into the dress shop on the opposite side of town to where Maya and that currently were "I don't know" Carina said chuckling "I hope not cause I am hungry" the Italian said "Mama up" Lily said "How about uncle Trav" Travis asked "Mama is going to go and try on a dress and you tell me which looks the best okay" Carina said "Okay mama" Lily said agreeing to go sit with Vic and Travis.

30 minutes later and the four of them were walking into a burger shop waiting for Maya, Andy and Kathie to join them "that was easy" Vic said leading the four of them to a booth "I know but that was the one right" Carina asked "Yes" Lily replied "Good" Carina said "Maya is going to die when she sees you" Travis said "I am" Maya asked chuckling "Mommy" Lily said standing up and running into her moms arms "hi baby" the older blonde said.

"Did you choose one" Carina asked as her fiancée as she sat down next to her "I did and you obviously did as well seeming I am going to die when I see you" Maya said laughing "what can I say I'm hot" Carina replied closing the gap between them "Right well lunch" Andy said clearing her throat pulling the two women out of there current bubble "Sorry" Maya said laughing "she can't resist" the Italian said nudging her fiancée "True" Maya simply replied.


"So Lily what is mama wearing" Maya asked as the three of them drove home "I can't tell you" Lily said "Maya don't ask her that" Carina said "you are going to see it in about 3 months time anyway" the brunette added her hand rubbing up and down the blondes leg "That's true" Maya said "Andy asked if we would watch Mateo one night so her and Robert can go out on a date night I think they are in some desperate need of alone time" Maya said keeping focus on the road "yeah that's okay just we just need to make sure it alines with work" Carina said "yeah so whenever your next night off is we will let Andy know and we can watch him for them" Maya said.

"I can't believe we are going to be married in 3 months time" Carina said in disbelief "I know I can't wait to be able to call you my wife" Maya said "Me too" the burette said. "So I was thinking right" Carina said "Mhm" Maya hummed "How does Dr Deluca-Bishop sound" Carina asked Maya shooting up in excitement "Yeah" Maya asked shocked "Yes if you will let me I want to take your last name" Carina said "really you do" the blonde asked "I do I don't want to have a different last name to you and our daughter so if I have both at least I still have your last names so please will you let me become a Bishop" Carina  asked "Oh my god yes yes please" Maya said lifting her fiancée off the ground and spinning her around.

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