Chapter 2

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Friday 19th July 2019

"EVERYONE IN THE BARN NOW" Captain Bishop yelled from outside her office. 2 minutes later she walked into the barn everyone lined up for uniform inspection "I'm sure you have all seen that the PRT is back home" Maya said "Warren and Deluca will be working on it starting from today" the captain added "Deluca" Andy questioned "Dr Deluca from the scene yesterday" she added "correct yes, we were just about to start her interview yesterday when I got the call from Andy that I needed to come so we started the interview in the car on the way over, when we got to the scene she offered to help so I gave her full privileges and told her to show me what she has got, and she did just that she was outstanding yesterday" the blonde said "she should be here any minute, go and do your chores and we will have an official meeting in the beanery in 20 minutes" Bishop said before walking back to her office.

"Captain Bishop" Carina said as she entered the station "Dr Deluca" Maya said a soft smile on her face "You are early" the captain said "Si always will be" the Dr replied "okay well let's start with a quick tour then you will meet the rest of the team" the blonde said "okay" Carina said "well obviously we have my office here, the front desk if you ever get put on desk duty, the barn is through here" she said as they walked towards the trucks "here is the PRT essentially your home" Maya said with a chuckle "wow impressive" Carina said "Warren will give you a full tour of the PRT because if I am being honest I haven't got a clue" the captain said. Maya and Carina kept going with the tour going all over the station before ended up in the beanery "let me get everyone here for you to meet" she said a soft smile on her face as she opened the doors "19 EVERYONE IN THE BEANERY NOW" the blonde shouted before walking back over to where Carina stood drinking coffee not even a minute later and the team came barging through the door "19 this is Dr Carina Deluca" Maya said motioning between her team and the brunette. "You have 10 minutes to introduce yourself then back to work" Maya called out "oh Deluca and Warren my office when you are finished up here" the captain said before walking out of the beanery and to her office.

"Dr Deluca i am Andy Herrera, so nice to officially meet you" Andy said holding her hand out "Incredible save the other day Herrera" Carina said taking ahold of the firefighters hand and shaking it.

"Robert Sullivan" , "Vic Hughes", "Dean Miller", "Travis Montgomery"

"lieutenant Jack Gibson, nice to finally meet you" Jack said "You too" Carina said with a smile "maybe we could get coffee sometime, you are gorgeous" Gibson said trying to make a move on the doctor "Actually Jack is it" Carina said leaning forward to whisper into his ear "I am going to pretend you didn't just say that, this is a professional work place and I don't think it's very wise you just said that" Deluca said stepping away from him "also I bat for the other team" she said everyone just laughing at Jacks failed attempt to flirt and ask her out. "Warren should we go downstairs" Carina asked "yeah let's go" he replied.

"Captain" Ben said as he knocked on the blondes door "come in" she replied both Ben and Carina walking into the office and sitting down across from her. "Okay let's get through this, you both need to sign this contract you can go away and read it then sign it and return it to me by tomorrow" she said handing both the doctors a contract "as you know there has been some problems with the PRT in the past with the drugs so new rules have come in from the Chief, when stock comes in and you need to count the drugs you both are to do it together with myself or Chief Ripley watching over you" the captain said both of the doctors nodding "the codes for the supply of drugs at the station will change everyday but will stay the same on the PRT to make it easier when saving someone" Maya said "you will both have drug test twice a week along with the rest of the team" the captain said "Any questions" she asked "no all good" Ben said "no understood" Carina confirmed "good well Warren you are dismissed get changed into your uniform" Maya said "As for you I have your three uniforms here" Maya said picking them up off the shelf and handing them over to Carina "Grazie" the Italian said grabbing the uniforms out of Maya's hand brushing over the blondes fingers slightly that sent chills through the Captains body both of them just froze for a second staring into each others eyes but were quickly interrupted but the alarm.

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