Chapter 17

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Tuesday 4th February 2020

"Stop.. you don't need to be nervous" Maya said placing her hand on Carina's leg as it bounced "Um yes I do" Carina replied "no you don't he is going to love you" Maya said. "Hi sorry I'm late" A guy said appearing at the table "It's okay" Maya said standing up and giving him a hug and a kiss on the cheek "Mike this is Dr Carina Deluca" Maya said gesturing to the Italian "Carina , Michael Zane" Maya said.

"It is so nice to meet you" Mike said "You as well" Carina replied "look this doesn't have to be a whole thing I just need to know you are going to treat both Maya and Lily right" Mike said "And you are going to love our little girl as much as you love Maya" He added "Of course" Carina said. "So you two aren't technically together is that right" He asked "Mike" Maya said "No it's okay" Carina said "We aren't but we are working on it" Carina added.

"It has been great meeting you Carina and you are more then welcome to meet our little girl" Mike said after they had been talking the past 45 minutes "I have to get to work" Mike said standing up "I'll see you later when you drop Lily off" Mike said giving Maya and Carina both a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"See that wasn't to hard was it" Maya said "Mhm he is really nice" Carina said "Yeah he is great" Maya agreed "Have you slept with him" Carina asked earning a weird look from Maya "Of course I slept with him we have a child" Maya said confused "no I mean after Lily" Carina said "A few times yeah" Maya admitted "But a lot of the time it was just a drunken hook up it is nothing more I promise" Maya said reassuring the brunette "Okay" Carina said "Okay I am going to go and get Lily I will meet you at the park in 30 minuets" Maya asked "Okay bambina" Carina said giving her a quick kiss before they both left the little cafe.

"Lily can you get dressed for me please baby" Maya asked her daughter "Where we going mommy" Lily asked "We are going to go to the park and meet my friend Carina" Maya replied "She has been dying to meet you baby" Maya added with a soft smile.

"Carina" Maya called out as her and Lily approached the brunette sitting on the bench "Hi" Carina said giving them a small wave "Lily this is my um... friend Carina and Carina this is my daughter Lily" Maya said introducing the two "It is so nice to meet you bambina" Carina said to the little girl "What that mean" Lily asked "Bambina" Carina questioned earning a shy nod from the younger blonde "Bambina means baby" Carina said and with that the little girl got really excited "My mommy calls me Baby" Lily said "Does she really" Carina exclaimed "Mhm so does my dad" She added with a smile.

"Should we get some ice cream" Carina asked the two blonde's "No we had ice cream last night didn't we baby" Maya said to her daughter "Please can I have some with your friend Carina" Lily asked "It's okay right Maya" Carina asked looking at the blonde with her intoxicating eyes "Okay you can have some" Maya agreed going to grab her daughters hand but she pulled it away from her mom and held her hand out for Carina to hold. Carina looked at Maya as if she was asking for permission and Maya sent a small nod so Carina reached out and held the youngest Bishop's hand.

"Mommy can we go to the park now please" Lily asked as they left the ice cream parlour "Carina might need to get home baby" Maya said "Carina can you come with us please" Lily asked "Of course Bambina" Carina said nodding as the three of them walked towards the park Lily with a tight hold on Carina's hand. "She likes you more then me" Maya whispered into the brunette's ear "I'm very likeable" Carina joked "That's true.. also wanted to let you know how good you look in those pants" Maya said looking down at Carina's ass and then looking back up to her eyes "Stop that" Carina said softly slapping the blonde's arm.

Wednesday 5th February 2020

"Can we talk" Carina asked Maya as they stood at the bench in the beanery "Yeah of course" Maya said "Not here in your office" Carina said "Yeah come on" Maya said walking towards her office. "Everything okay" Maya asked "Yeah I just umm.. I want to be with you" Carina said Maya instantly smiling.

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