Chapter 41

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Sunday 17th June 2020

"What" Carina asked "Do you want to adopt Lily" Maya said again "As in become her legal guardian" the brunette asked shocked "yes" Maya simply replied "I think it is an important step in our family and if you don't want to then that's okay you don't have to but if something happens to me it can make this difficult with Lily" Maya said "Nothing is happening to you" Carina said "I have a dangerous job baby anything could happen to me and it isn't just that your dad was right if something were to happen between us and we did separate you are still Lily's mom and you should have rights" the blonde added "Maya" Carina whispered "Just think about it I want you to really think about if this is what you want and if it is then we will get started on it all" Maya said pressing a kiss to her fiancés lips and then wrapping her arms around her torso. 

Wednesday 20th June 2020

"Maya" Carina asked knocking on the blonde's office door "Come in" Maya said "Hi bambina" the brunette said shutting the door behind her "You okay" the blonde asked concerned "Si all good I just wanted to bring you lunch" Carina said holding a bag in her hands an excited smile on her face "Why are you so energetic" Maya asked confused "I saw Callie and Amelia this morning and they said I am healing perfectly and can go back to normal activities next week" Carina said. 

"Normal activities" Maya asked "Mhm work, exercise, sex all of it" Carina said nodding her head "Are you sure you are ready to be back at work" Maya asked concerned "Mhm so ready and I will be at a desk most of the time anyway Bella so don't worry" the brunette said "Okay if you think you are ready just promise me you won't push yourself to much" the blonde asked "I promise" Carina replied. 

"Have you thought more about what I said on Sunday" Maya asked as the two women ate there lunch "I have" Carina said nodding her head "and" Maya asked "if it is something you and Lily both want to do then I want to" the brunette said "but like only if you are sure because I don't want you to regret it in the future" Carina added "I will never ever regret making you legally Lily's parent baby" Maya said "Okay then so we just check it's okay with Lily and then we get started" Carina asked "Mhm it shouldn't be to difficult of a process to do but it could still take some time" the blonde said "That's fine we have plenty of time" Carina said. 


"Mama" Lily exclaimed when the brunette was standing out the front of her school to pick her up "Hi bambina" Carina said picking her daughter up "Mrs Bishop" an older lady said approaching the two of them "Uhh no Miss Deluca" Carina was quick to correct her "oh sorry Miss Deluca" the lady said "Do you mind if we have a quick chat" She added "I guess" Carina said confused. 

"Bambina do you want to go and play on the playground we will be two minutes okay" Carina said gesturing for her daughter to go over towards the other children playing "I'm Lily's teacher" She said "Yeah Diane right" Carina asked remembering the women from the day Lily saved her life "Yeah that's right look I just thought I would give you the heads up that Lily has been a little distracted in class lately" Diane said "How so" Carina asked "She isn't listening and she just stares into space and doesn't do the work in the class she always does the homework and it is always correct but I think you should keep an eye on her just to make sure" Diane said "No worriers I'll talk to Maya and we will figure out what is happening thank you" Carina said walking towards the playground to get Lily. 

"Are you okay bambina" Carina asked as the two drove home from the school "Yes mama" Lily replied "How is school going" the brunette asked "Fine" the blonde shot back. "Hi" Carina said as she walked into the apartment to see her fiancé sitting on the couch "Hi baby" Maya said grabbing Carina's wrist and pulling her down to straddle her waist "How was work" the brunette asked "Uh so so" Maya said leaning forward and pressing a kiss to her fiancés lips. 

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