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To: Sgt. Eric Renfield

From: Christopher Daskow

Subject: Book

Det. Renfield,

I'm writing to you at the request of Kelly Xiong and Philip Besky from the County Sheriff's Office.

My name is Christopher Daskow. I am currently the curator of the Haven Park Historical Society. My background is in archaeology, and your colleagues brought me a book they wanted me to identify and send my findings on to you. They said you would know what book I was talking about.

The book is very old. It has a standard black leather cover that dates back to the early 1800's or so. The pages are well-aged and remarkably well preserved, probably older than the book cover. The pages were most likely made in the 1600s or perhaps early 1700's (it is very difficult to get an exact date for paper).

Ms. Xiong mentioned that there may have been writing in the book until recently. I was unable to find any evidence of that. Because of this, I thought that perhaps the pages received some type of chemical treatment that would cause ink to slough off, so I wrote in it, just my dog's name, Bucky. I'm so sorry. The ink stayed. Now "Bucky" is written on page six. I hope that isn't a problem. I already mentioned this to Ms. Xiong. She said it was probably fine, although I received a strange voicemail from her. She wanted to know why I wrote it in blood. I'm sure she just made some sort of mistake.

All in all, I can't tell you very much about the book. It's very old and fairly standard, except for the seventies glue (and now "Bucky" on page six). This type of book would usually be used as a diary or notebook for doctors to jot down their thoughts about patients. If someone ever did write in it during the 1800's, the ink has most likely faded away so much that it would be indistinguishable to the naked eye. I looked at it under a microscope, but still could not find any evidence of writing, but perhaps I was looking in the wrong place. At any rate, I strongly doubt that any writing from the 1800's or earlier would be much help to your investigation.

Sorry I could not be of more assistance,

Christopher Daskow

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