The End

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The End.

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Author's note:

When I wrote this novel, it was supposed to end here. I wanted the ending to be ambiguous. I wanted it to be unsatisfying and without resolution. However, that was the biggest complaint I got from everyone that read it. There was no ending. It was unsatisfying. I wanted to sell it, but I couldn't because it wasn't a complete novel by most standards. To me, it was. I say let people choose their own ending by way of delivering a verdict.

On Wattpad, I found this work had an interesting home. People could comment on how they would vote if they were on the jury. I have been shocked by the number of people that have done so. Some readers' comments helped in crafting a rewrite.

I expanded the novel. I wrote a new version that is over twice as long and includes documents and information not contained in this, the original story, as well as some slight changes (like the name of the town). It also has a verdict and an ending.

If you would like to read the expanded version, it is on Amazon Kindle under the name The People v. Jonathan Ludarac.

I am not asking you to read it, just giving you the option. I originally intended for it to end here, but I want to support myself by writing novels, so I also wrote one that I can sell.

This version will remain here forever. And, of course, keep on voting here.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed.


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