Transcript-Interrogation of Nicholas Lawson

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Transcript-Interrogation of Nicholas Lawson

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 497 Cross St.-Offices of Lawson, Haynes & Milton

Date: 10/13/2012

Time: 3:50 PM

Dalton: Hello again, Mr. Lawson.

Lawson: Oh, hello. Detective Dalton, was it, and Renfield, right? Can I assume I'm being recorded again? [Laughs]

Dalton: Yes, correct on both names and the recording.

Lawson: What can I do for you today?

Renfield: Jack Sitersin was found dead yesterday.

Lawson: Really?

Dalton: Yes.

Lawson: Any leads?

Dalton: I was hoping you could tell us.

Lawson: Is it linked? What's the M.O.?

Renfield: Different from Dallas Gaines's murder.

Lawson: That's a hell of a coincidence, though.

Renfield: That's what I thought. Then I thought who knows both Dallas Gaines and Jack Sitersin and might think they're both scum.

Lawson: You're not insinuating that I am responsible for this, are you?

Renfield: Maybe. Convince me otherwise.

Lawson: Well first of all, both of those guys hadn't finished paying off their legal fees. We're a firm not the mob. We would never kill them before we got the money. [Laughs] Where did you find Jack anyway?

Dalton: He was living in a state park.

Lawson: In a tent?

Dalton: He had a shack.

Lawson: Wow, shows dedication. [Laughs] How did it happen?

Renfield: Someone ripped his junk off and stuffed it back inside him.

Lawson: [Grunts] Well, I guess that also shows-[Grunts] Never mind.

Renfield: Now, if I were to ask you-

Lawson: Where I was two nights ago? Here, actually. My secretary can verify that.

Dalton: You were here all night?

Lawson: Indeed I was. The wife thinks I'm at our timeshare in Arizona.

Dalton: And your secretary was here all night as well?

Lawson: [Laughs] That's right. She'll tell you as long as my wife isn't in the lobby for some reason. [Laughs].

Dalton: I don't mind telling you that you're disgusting.

Lawson: [Laughs].

Dalton: Can you think of anyone who-

Lawson: Who did it? I don't know. I'd check on Jonathan Ludarac if I were you.

Renfield: Why? Are you worried about him, Mr. Lawson?

Lawson: What? [Grunts] No, of course not [Grunts]. I'm just their lawyer. If someone was coming after them, there's no reason they would- [Grunts] Excuse me, I have a meeting in five minutes.

Dalton: Thank you for your time, Mr. Lawson.

Lawson: Always good to see you detectives. [Laughs]

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