Transcript-Interrogation of Tessa O'Dell

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Transcript—Interrogation of Tessa O’Dell

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: County Sheriff’s Office

Date: 10/6/2012

Time: 10:20 AM

Dalton: Good Morning, Ms. O’Dell. My name is Adam Dalton. This is my partner Eric Renfield. We will be handling this investigation. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

O’Dell: Why do we have to do this? Why don’t you just go arrest the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] that did it?

Dalton: And who do you believe that is?

O’Dell: Jonathan Ludarac.

Dalton: You sound pretty sure of that, Ms. O’Dell.

O’Dell: You’re [EXPLETIVE DELETED] right I’m sure of it. That [EXPLETIVE DELETED] wanted Dallas dead. He’s a son of a [EXPLETIVE DELTED].

Dalton: Looking at Mr. Gaines’s extensive criminal record, I find it hard to believe that Jonathan Ludarac is the sole suspect.

O’Dell: Yeah? Well that piece of [EXPLETIVE DELETED] did it. I know you have something about the court case in that file there. Jonathan never accepted that Dallas was innocent.

Dalton: According to this, neither did the courts. Mr. Gaines was never found innocent. It was a hung jury and the DA dropped the charges.

O’Dell: Well, Jonathan never dropped his charges. Dallas didn’t do anything to that girl. What was her name? Lacey.

Dalton: I assume you are referring to Lucy Ludarac, Jonathan’s daughter.

O’Dell: Yeah. Well, whatever her name was, Dallas didn’t do [EXPLETIVE DELETED] to her, but Jonathan never believed that.

Dalton: I’m not here to debate what happened to Lucy Ludarac. I’m here to figure out what happened to your boyfriend. Did anything strange or unusual happen that night?

O’Dell: Yeah, my boyfriend got his throat slit by Jonathan Ludarac.

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