My Best Mistake by Cutesyn18
My Best Mistakeby Natalia🤓
Natalia comes home to find her husband and sister in bed together after her husband tell her they have been sleeping together for 1 year .what is she to do but pack up...
  • love
  • exwife
  • family
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The Billionaire's Wanted [Unedited] by banawolkaye
The Billionaire's Wanted [Unedited]by banawolkaye
"The baby inside your womb is OURS. Not mine only. Do you want me to put you into court just for you to agree in marrying me?" ------Xerxes Kings Xerxes Kings'...
  • brother
  • romance
  • jail
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The Heartless Billionaire by blackangel_312
The Heartless Billionaireby Nami
Tessa Cole was done with the waiting. She wanted the same happy life her sister was living. So she decided to take a leap only to fall hard and lose. David Miles didn't...
  • heartless
  • court
  • mistake
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Bound by Duty by quillofkarnika
Bound by Dutyby quillofkarnika
Danielle Ward is on the run. After killing her step-uncle, she is exiled by her pack and seeks refuge with one of her good friends. Her callous father, her jealous stepm...
  • luna
  • mate
  • secrets
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♛ The Other Stuart ♛ Francis x oc by JustinsLilShawty
♛ The Other Stuart ♛ Francis x ocby Kira
Eloise Patricia Anne Stuart is the non-identical twin of Mary Stuart, and she is 'the other Stuart.' What if Mary and Francis' engagement was not a success, and instead...
  • marystuart
  • france
  • francis
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Echizen Rika: The Next Challenge by sasaki_Senna
Echizen Rika: The Next Challengeby Sasaki Senna
After finally reaching the top, Winning the National Tournament, Seigaku is then invited to the prestigeous U-17 camp!!! Since Rika is also invited, There's definitely a...
  • racket
  • tennis
  • fuji
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Don't Leave Me #2  #YourStoryIndia by background21
Don't Leave Me #2 #YourStoryIndiaby Neetha Sai
There will be revenge, There will be innocent people, There will be a bad sibling and of course there will be a love story but there will also be some twists along with...
  • friendship
  • revenge
  • pain
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Games of Chance by Strawberry_Cream1928
Games of Chanceby ❄️Queen Saralee❄️
Chase "Numbers" Hewkin is the textbook definition of a high school loser: hopelessly introverted, a genius at math, and fanboy-obsessed with Juliana VanderSche...
  • prodigy
  • team
  • luck
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THE PROMISE- I made to a Vampire (EDITING) by DreamCist
THE PROMISE- I made to a Vampire ( Elora Clark
|| Highest Ranking- 4|| "Are you serious!?" I looked at him incredulously. "I was drunk okay?" He pushed m...
  • promise
  • covet
  • suspense
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IN-LAWS by AeshaKabir
IN-LAWSby Aeeshatuu_
This is the story of two siblings Halima and khadijah in their matrimonial home. Halimah lived with a caring and loving husband but couldn't conceive, will he continue t...
  • law
  • fulani
  • pity
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The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommyby Alisha
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
  • love
  • sigh
  • kick
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The Delinquent's Haven by mavericks_
The Delinquent's Havenby desi ⚓
[Complete and edited.] Being moved from foster home to foster home sounds pretty difficult, right? Try being framed for arson, slashing tires and throw in a seriously b...
  • drugs
  • viii
  • juvenile
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Nicholas Grey Must Not Die | ✓ by sayhellokk
Nicholas Grey Must Not Die | ✓by =
Nicholas Grey was a player. It was a simple fact. He sat atop the class pyramid at Kingston High. With his secretly good grades, athletic skills and beyond Adonis good l...
  • generalfiction
  • highschool
  • newadult
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Defying Society ➿ Daniel Howell AU by PHAN-TRASH-2022
Defying Society ➿ Daniel Howell AUby Satan
Daniel Howell, people visibly shiver at the young boys name. He was the real definition of a 'troubled teen'. He wreaked havoc everywhere he went. Little did he know tha...
  • daniel
  • phillip
  • howell
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Isn't My Love Enough? by everbee_books
Isn't My Love Enough?by Debbie
"I don't think anyone can break down to walls I've built around myself, and if I find that someone is capable of breaking them down, I will push them away. I will r...
  • isntmyloveenough
  • taylor
  • everbee
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The Prince's Wife by chaslinxines
The Prince's Wifeby chaslinxines
As the daughter of General Yan of the great country of Yin Shang, her duty lies with the royal Pan clan, whose sole orders hold her and her father's lives. On the day Ya...
  • historical
  • war
  • imperial
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Traveller by krissays
Travellerby kris
As a Traveller, Myla has seen the world. Her mind can understand numerous languages, her body remembers a million cultural signals, and her spirit is free when she's on...
  • romance
  • theingeniousawards
  • magic
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Horror stories ~ histoires d'horreur (nouvelles courtes) by BPIYAreA_aaaa
Horror stories ~ histoires d' ♡ E M M A R M Y ♡
Ici, c'est l'horreur... Les histoires d'horreur quoi. Regardez pas la photo de couverture de l'histoire, elle est vrmt trop flippante
  • français
  • horror
  • fantastique
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Caught Red Handed... || Kim Taehyung || by MotherSatan0330
Caught Red Handed... || Kim MotherSatan0330
'"... I found a dead body and now I'm being framed for murder..." She said to the brunette, as he started her questioning.' A nice romance story about a murder...
  • detective
  • namjoon
  • court
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Jade Denara by _ClumsyBat_
Jade Denaraby ~R~
When a crown princess has to marry a stupid heir to a duchy who she doesnt want to marry, what would she do? Faking her love and kindling her fire, watch or rather read...
  • courtpolitics
  • firsttry
  • princess
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