Transcript-Interrogation of Amy Welker

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Transcript-Interrogation of Amy Welker

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Eric Renfield

Location: 9073 Burnwell Rd.-Haven Park High School

Date: 11/02/2012

Time: 9:30AM

Renfield: Thank you for speaking with me, Ms. Welker.

Welker: Hey, no prob. Anything to get out of history class. Did you hear that guy? Mr. Viccelli might be the most boring person on the planet.

Renfield: I was told by your principal and your father that you are a close friend of Kayla Ludarac. Is that true?

Welker: Yeah, I guess so. We don't talk much anymore though.

Renfield: Why is that?

Welker: Kay was super depressed when Lucy died. I was totally there for her too. I thought she'd , I don't know, get better or something. She did a little bit, but recently, she's started acting really weird.

Renfield: In what way?

Welker: I don't know. She's dressing different. She used to wear, like, normal stuff, but now she's started wearing only long sleeve shirts and pants. I'm worried about her. I think she might be Demi Lavato-ing.

Renfield: Demi Lavato-ing?

Welker: Oh my God, you don't know who Demi Lavato is? Dude.

Renfield: Who is Demi Lavato?

Welker: She's a totally huge star from the Disney Channel. She was on Camp Rock and Sonny with a Chance. Now, she's on her own and making albums and stuff.

Renfield: You're afraid Kayla is making pop music?

Welker: No. Demi Lavato also totally had a nervous breakdown and started cutting.

Renfield: You're afraid Kayla is cutting.

Welker: That's why she's dressing like a puritan. Why don't you just talk to her?

Renfield: I will. Are you familiar with Kayla's parents?

Welker: Yeah. I know Mr. and Mrs. Ludarac.

Renfield: Have you noticed any change in them?

Welker: I haven't seen them since Kay and I stopped talking.

Renfield: Thank you for your time Ms. Welker.

Welker: Hey, you know where they live, right?

Renfield: I know where their house is.

Welker: Did you know it's haunted?

Renfield: I've heard some of the rumors.

Welker: They're not rumors, dude. That house is straight haunted. I've slept there.

Renfield: Oh yeah? And what makes you think it's haunted?

Welker: Well, there's all the stories, but if you actually stay there, that house is messed up.

Renfield: What do you mean?

Welker: Well Kay and I used to have sleepovers, and every time, I wanted to have it at my place because I don't like staying in her house.

Renfield: Why not?

Welker: It's impossible to sleep, and it makes me sick every time.

Renfield: It makes you sick?

Welker: Yeah. After spending the night, I would usually spend the next day puking. I coughed up blood one time after staying there.

Renfield: Is Kayla ever sick?

Welker: No, but she lives there and the house knows it. I got sick because I don't live there.

Renfield: Thank you for your time, Ms. Welker. You can go back to class.

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