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Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

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Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Attorneys Present: Stephen Harker (Ludarac Counsel), Lucille James (Assistant District Attorney)

Location: County Sheriff's Office

Date: 11/14/2012

Time: 6:00 PM

Dalton: Good afternoon, Mr. Ludarac.

Harker: What happened to Renfield?

Dalton: That's none of your concern, Mr. Harker.

James: Mr. Ludarac, we, at the DA's office, have assembled a case against you for four counts of murder in the first degree, but I'm sure you're aware of that. We are prepared to offer you a deal if you are willing to cooperate with us.

Harker: My client is-

James: Why don't you let me finish explaining the grave situation your client faces before you start yammering away, Stephen?

Harker: Good to know I'm dealing with the Lucille that I'm used to.

James: As I was saying, if you cooperate, we can make this whole process much easier for everyone involved. We believe we have a strong case against you.

Harker: You have vague statements from children.

James: We have far more than just the children's statements.

Ludarac: Did you talk to my wife?

Harker: As your wife, she doesn't have to testify against you. A spouse can't be forced to testify against their other half. She's a closed book, Jon, even if they did talk to her.

Dalton: More closed than you think. She was committed to the Keillor Mental Institution a few hours ago after she attacked three officers, a woman who was coming in to be questioned and the department psychiatrist.

Ludarac: My wife is in a mental hospital?

Dalton: That's right, Mr. Ludarac. Something got to her pretty bad.

James: It doesn't matter. We don't need her. We have the knife, Mr. Ludarac, the one with Dallas Gaines's blood and your fingerprints on it.

Harker: Oh, yes, the one that mysteriously just turned up in some church.

James: It has your client's prints all over it.

Harker: It has been over a month since Dallas Gaines was murdered. Juries aren't that stupid, Lucille. Who knows what happened to it during the month it was missing. Secondly, it has a dead girl's fingerprints on it. How are you planning to explain that without discrediting the evidence?

James: If you tell us what happened, you'll still serve time, but we can make it easier on you. We might be able to get you a reduced sentence or lower the charges. We may also be able to arrange visits with your children while you're incarcerated, assuming you're not also guilty of child abuse. We don't have to offer this deal, Mr. Ludarac. This is purely out of the kindness of the DA's heart. If you choose not to cooperate, the people will seek the maximum sentence. We'll throw the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] book at you. You'll die in prison. You'll never see your children again.

Ludarac: I couldn't cooperate if I wanted to.

Harker: Jon, please. My client maintains his innocence. You can threaten him all you want. I've seen what you've got on him, and it's thin at best. You're either blowing smoke, Lucille, or you're actually going to try a case you know you can't win.

James: You're aware that the knife has an inscription on it, right?

Harker: The Ludaracs will burn in hell? That inscription? Sounds like someone has a vendetta against the family to me.

James: The same words carved into your daughter, Jonathan.

Ludarac: I don't know why this is happening.

James: Am I to understand that you will not be taking the deal, Mr. Ludarac?

Harker: You don't have to answer that.

James: Very well. We'll see you in court.

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