Transcript-Interrogation of Stephanie Halloway

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Transcript—Interrogation of Stephanie Halloway

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 7012 Peetree Rd.—Haven Park Elementary School

Date: 10/26/2012

Time: 9:50 AM          

Dalton: Thank you for meeting with us, Ms. Halloway. I’m sure you’re very busy.

Halloway: Not a problem. Is this about one of the students?

Dalton: Are you familiar with Cooper Ludarac?

Halloway: Oh, yes. Of course. He’s in the first grade here.

Dalton: What can you tell us about him?

Halloway: I’m afraid as the principal I don’t get to know my students as well as I would like, but I know the name Ludarac. Cooper speaks to the counselor on a weekly basis. We had him start going there after Lucy’s passing. His name is Fred Nevin, and you may also want to speak with Susan Campbell, his teacher.

Dalton: We’ll make sure to do that. How much contact have you had with the Ludarac family?

Halloway: Dana used to come around to volunteer, and I would see both Dana and Jon when they came to P-T conferences for Cooper and Kayla.

Dalton: Have you seen any of them recently?

Halloway: Well, Kayla moved on to Haven Park High years ago. I see Cooper in the halls, but only in passing. I haven’t seen Dana, but I’ve seen Jon once or twice.

Dalton: What can you tell me about those meetings?

Halloway: Not much really. He seemed depressed. Big surprise, right? He was quieter than I remember him. He seemed to move slower too, like he was weighed down. I suppose that’s only natural though.

Dalton: Did Jonathan ever display any signs of aggression to you or any member of your staff.

Halloway: Aggression? No, I can’t say that he did. Although, when Jon came in to talk about Cooper seeing the counselor, he was adamant that it was unnecessary. It’s our policy that any student who experiences a death in the family sees the counselor. Jon said his family could deal with their issues themselves. I told him it was a strict policy, and eventually, he relented.

Dalton: Did he tell you why he didn’t want Cooper seeing a counselor?

Halloway: He felt it was an invasion of his family’s privacy.

Dalton: Did you get the impression that he may be afraid of what Cooper may say about his family?

Halloway: No, I wouldn’t say that. I think after all the negative attention from the trial, he didn’t want Cooper or his family to be subjected to it all again. Those may have been his exact words, in fact. After all, who could blame him?

Dalton: Thank you for your time, Ms. Halloway. Where can we find Fred Nevin?

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