Transcript-Interrogation of Maureen and David Krast

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Transcript-Interrogation of Maureen and David Krast

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 1023 Parks St.-Home of Maureen and David Krast

Date: 10/16/2012

Time: 9:50 AM

Dalton: Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. and Mrs. Krast. I know this must be a difficult time for you.

M. Krast: Can you tell us what killed our son yet? The coroner told us about his injuries.

Dalton: I'm afraid that, as of now, we just don't know. When we do, we will make sure that you are the first call on our list.

D. Krast: Why do you need to talk to us? I was told that he died alone in his house. Why is a detective warranted?

Dalton: We are just here to tie up loose ends. Did your son change in any way in the weeks leading up to his death?

D. Krast: What do you mean change? What's the point of this? Something goes screwy in my son's body that kills him, and now we've got some [EXPLETIVE DELETED] detective asking us if we saw it coming?

M. Krast: Honey, please. I'm sorry. Cullen's passing has taken a toll on him. I didn't notice anything different.

D. Krast: What were we supposed to notice? His head was fine. His hands and feet were fine. If we had seen anything like that we would have told him to see a doctor, and maybe, he wouldn't have-

M. Krast: It's okay, honey. I'll get you a tissue.

Dalton: I'm sorry if I have upset you, Mr. Krast.

D. Krast: No, no. It's alright. Maureen is right. This whole thing has just been-difficult.

Renfield: Does the name Dallas Gaines mean anything to you?

D. Krast/ M. Krast: Yes. [Said in unison]

Dalton: What can you tell us about him?

D. Krast: If it hadn't been for that son of a-

M. Krast: We've thought for years that if Cullen had never met Dallas, he wouldn't have gotten all wrapped up in, well, you're a police officer. I'm sure you know what.

D. Krast: Dallas was an evil son of a [EXPLETIVE DELETED]. Cullen was a good kid until Dallas convinced him it would be fun to start stealing cars and robbing convenience stores. Cullen was-was better than that little punk. Did Dallas do something to Cullen? Is that why you're here?

Dalton: I'm afraid that's impossible. Dallas died last week.

M. Krast: Oh dear.

D. Krast: Well at least there's some justice in the world. Dallas deserved to die.

M. Krast: Honey-

D. Krast: No, it's true. Don't act like you don't believe it too. Dallas was like a cancer infecting Cullen, Vincent and Jack. He got them to-to do things. He was the instigator.

Dalton: When did Cullen meet Dallas?

M. Krast: High school, early high school. Those four were inseparable. Of course, we didn't approve of Dallas, but we thought Jack and Vincent were actually good kids. They seemed nice. It was strange. When they graduated, I think they all kind of lost touch. Dallas went to jail for one reason or another, I can't remember why. Vincent went off to college. I don't know what happened to Jack. We thought Cullen's mischievous days were behind him, but he followed in Dallas's foot-steps. That's why we had to kick him out of the house. We said if he was going to continue on the same path he was going down, he couldn't live under our roof. He chose to leave. Truth be told, if he'd come back-If he'd come back, I would have let him stay in a heartbeat.

D. Krast: Of course at that time, we thought we had heard the last of Dallas, but I guess he got out of jail, and the four of them all met one day to catch up. We know what a disaster that turned out to be.

Renfield: You're referring to the night that they allegedly-

D. Krast: Stop right [EXPLETIVE DELETED] there. Cullen didn't have anything to do with that. He may not have been perfect, but Cullen wouldn't do something like that. Dallas would, but Cullen wouldn't. He had his faults, but that-that was so far beyond anything Cullen was capable of.

Renfield: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Did Cullen have any pre-existing conditions that may have led to his death?

M. Krast: No, he was perfect. [Leaves room]

Renfield: Is she alright?

D. Krast: Like she said, this whole business has taken a toll on us.

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