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To: Sgt. Adam Dalton

From: Vincent Bates

Subject: Protective Order

CC: <<none>>

Sgt. Dalton,                                 

Some officers arrived at my home today to tell me that I am under something called a ‘protective order.’ Apparently, this means these officers will be stationed outside my house until they are given different instructions, but you know all this already. They told me that the reason for this protection is because Cullen Krast was also killed. I’m not confused any more. I’ve sent Sharon and Danny away to her mother’s house. There was enough money in that [EXPLETIVE DELETED] swear jar to pay for the whole trip’s gas.

I am writing to you today to tell you that you can remove the protective order and send these officers on their way. There is no reason to get innocent people hurt in the interest of protecting me. [Segment deemed inadmissible]. If Jonathan Ludarac means me harm, there will be no stopping him. [Segment deemed inadmissible]. As long as Sharon and Daniel are safe, I don’t care what happens to me. I’m willing to accept my fate.

It’s an odd thing being in my position. Since you first came to me to tell me that Dallas had died, I guess I’ve seen this coming. It’s not a bad thing. I believe in karma now. [Segment deemed inadmissible]. Soon the world will be placed back in order, all debts paid.

When it finally happens, if you could tell Sharon and Daniel that I love them, and in whatever way it happens, please also tell them that I didn’t suffer. They don’t need to share in any more of my misery. They will get enough of that as it is. I would also like to ask that they never know [Segment deemed inadmissible]. This is, of course, my fault, and I would like to make it as easy on them as I can. I have a life insurance policy that will soften the blow, but there is an emotional toll that my death will take that I would like to alleviate as much as possible.

Finally, to you, Sgt. Renfield, I would like to apologize as I believe this will be our final communication. Everyone has lied to you. I have. The Ludaracs will. Even the [Segment deemed inadmissible] was a lie. You seem like a good man, and I regret your involvement in this whole mess. I know you must finish your job, but when you have, please do your best to forget me, Dallas, Cullen, Jack, Jonathan, Dana, Cooper, Kayla and most importantly, Lucy. I was never able to. I’m so sorry.


Vincent Bates

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