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Interrogation of Donald "Beef Tips" Morse and Daniel Fitzsimmons

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Interrogation of Donald "Beef Tips" Morse and Daniel Fitzsimmons

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 6338 Mallum Ave.-Home of Donald "Beef tips" Morse

Date: 10/18/2012

Time: 4:20 PM

Dalton: Do you mind if I record our conversation, Mr. Morse?

Morse: No, go ahead, and call me BT.

Dalton: BT?

Morse: Beef Tips. This is my buddy Danny.

Dalton: Do you live here Mr., what was your last name?

Fitzsimmons: Fitzsimmons, and no. I just hang out here most of the time.

Dalton: Well, I was hoping you guys could answer some questions for me about your neighbors, the Ludaracs.

Morse: Shoot. You don't mind if I pump my lats while we talk do you?

Dalton: Uh, no, go right ahead. Do you have much contact with the Ludaracs?

Morse: Some, not a whole lot. [Grunts] I helped him put up gutters about a year ago.

Dalton: You helped Jonathan Ludarac?

Morse: Yeah.

Dalton: What was your impression of him?

Morse: He seemed like a nice guy, [Grunts] hot daughter.

Dalton: Kayla is sixteen.

Morse: Not her, the other one.

Dalton: Oh, Lucy would have been alive a year ago today.

Morse: She was as alive then as she is now. [Grunts]

Dalton: Oh, have you not heard? Lucy was murdered that November.

Morse: Wooo. Hell, yes. That was one minute. How many did I do?

Fitzsimmons: Dude, I don't count your pull-ups.

Dalton: You did forty-three.

Morse: [EXPLETIVE DELETED] For real? I'm slipping. I can usually do fifty, and you got your info screwed up. That girl is alive.

Dalton: I assure you, BT, Lucy Ludarac is uh [Pause] Okay, I have to ask. Why do people call you Beef Tips? Is it the muscles?

Morse: It's my stage name. I'm a dancer over at The Shaft.

Dalton: The gay club?

Morse: It's an exotic dance club featuring men. We dance for women too you know, anyone who pays the cover. Count these for me. [Grunts]

Dalton: Are you a dancer as well, Mr. Fitzsimmons?

Fitzsimmons: No, I'm the DJ, but the same guy that owns The Shaft owns Areola 51, so I work at both joints.

Dalton: Ah, okay, well, as I was saying, Lucy Ludarac is definitely dead.

Morse: Nope, I see her pretty regularly. She's hot, [Grunts] but she's creepy as hell.

Fitzsimmons: Oh, is this the chick you were talking about that hangs out on the roof?

Morse: Yup.

Dalton: That's not possible.

Morse: I do pretty well at The Shaft. [Grunts] I bought this place four years ago. [Grunts] I know that girl when I see her. [Grunts] How many was that?

Dalton: Forty-eight

Fitzsimmons: Really? I got forty-six.

Morse: I saw her about a week ago. She was just sitting on her roof looking at the moon. God knows how she got up there. Jon and I had to use a twenty foot ladder just to get the gutters hung. Two days ago, I'm coming home, and I see her up there just like the other time. Only she was sitting with her back against the chimney looking over my house. I kind of stopped to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing, you know, but she waved at me.

Dalton: You didn't think it was odd that she was up there?

Morse: Oh, I thought it was odd, eerie as hell too. She just waved, but it wasn't normal. It was like a slow wave. It felt sarcastic or something. Is it possible to wave sarcastically?

Fitzsimmons: Like this?

Morse: No, it was more like one of these. No, actually that's not right either. I can't do it the way she did.

Fitzsimmons: How about like this?

Morse: No, that's not it. It was like a na-na na-na-na-you-can't-get-me wave.

Fitzsimmons: Like this?

Morse: No. Use more wrist.

Dalton: Gentlemen.

Morse: That's closer, but give it more attitude. Yeah, kind of like that.

Dalton: Gentlemen. You must have seen Kayla. They are sisters after all.

Morse: No. It was definitely the older one, Lucy.

Dalton: Mr. Morse, Lucy Ludarac's death resulted in a very controversial trial. Do you read or watch the news?

Morse: No, not really.

Fitzsimmons: I watch Sports Center.

Dalton: If you did, you would be as positive as I am that the person you saw on the Ludaracs' roof was not Lucy. I can tell you where her grave is if you like.

Morse: Woah. Alright, man. She's dead. Whatever you say.

Dalton: Have you had any contact with Jonathan Ludarac recently?

Morse: No, not really. I see him from time to time, but I haven't talked to him.

Dalton: Have you noticed anything odd about him in the past few weeks? Aggressive behavior, leaving late at night, things like that?

Morse: He may need to tell his daughter to stay off the roof, but that's all I've noticed.

Dalton: Thank you for your time, Mr. Morse, Mr. Fitzsimmons. I'll see myself out.

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