Transcript-Interrogation of Nicholas Lawson

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Transcript—Interrogation of Nicholas Lawson

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 497 Cross St.—Offices of Lawson, Haynes & Milton

Date: 10/10/2012

Time: 2:00 PM

Dalton: Thank you for meeting with us, Mr. Lawson.

Lawson: Are you recording this?

Dalton: If that’s alright.

Lawson: If I want you to turn that thing off, you will.

Dalton: I don’t think that will be necessary. We’re here to ask you about one of your former clients, Dallas Gaines.

Lawson: That case is closed, Detectives. There aren’t any more questions to ask.

Renfield: We’re not here about the Ludarac case. Mr. Gaines was murdered.

Lawson: Can’t say I’m surprised. Dallas was a predator. It was only a matter of time before he took on some prey that was stronger than he was.

Renfield: Any names spring to mind?

Lawson: [Laughs] None of my clients.

Renfield: That’s not very funny, Mr. Lawson.

Lawson: Oh hell, I’m just kidding around. Dallas pissed off a lot of people. It’s hard to say who it might be.

Renfield: Are you a betting man?

Lawson: [Laughs] To be honest, my money would be on Jonathan Ludarac.

Dalton: Any particular reason?

Lawson: Well, unless he’s a saint, he would be the person angriest at Dallas. He doesn’t seem the type, but you never know. [Laughs]

Renfield: What are you saying?

Lawson: [Laughs] I’m not saying anything, Detective.

Dalton: Do you believe Dallas Gaines was guilty?

Lawson: [Laughs] You’ve got to be kidding me with that question. [Laughs]

Dalton: Did Dallas receive any threats recently?

Lawson: [Laughs] Threats? [Laughs] Dallas Gaines gets threats every day of the week. So do Cullen Krast and Vincent Bates. [Laughs] Hell, the only reason Jack Sitersin doesn’t get any is because that clever son of a [EXPLETIVE DELETED] dropped off the face of the Earth. [Laughs] No one knows where to send them. [Laughs]

Renfield: What kind of threats?

Lawson: What kind do you think? The kind that get sent to rapists and murderers. [Laughs] I’ve read some of them, nasty stuff.

Dalton: The police haven’t followed up on them?

Lawson: You know it’s funny, they don’t seem to think it’s a priority. [Laughs] They actually told me that. [Laughs]

Dalton: Thank you, Mr. Lawson. You have been very helpful.

Lawson: [Laughs].                                 

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