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County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Report

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County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Report

Reporting Officer: Sgt. Kathleen Hendrix

Date: 10-12-2012

Time: 4:30 PM

Location: Hidden Falls State Park

The deceased (ID: Jack Sitersin) was found in a crudely constructed shack located in the South West quarter of the park. It would appear that Mr. Sitersin had constructed the shack illegally and was living in the park without the knowledge or consent of the State. The shack consists of two rooms: a living area and kitchen measuring 14’ X 13’ and a bedroom measuring 13’ X 8’. An outhouse was also constructed roughly 50’ from the shack.

The deceased was found outside the front door of the shack (see case photos #12-48 ). Although cause of death is as yet unknown, CSI investigator Carter Wimbley indicated that the deceased has an object lodged in the throat, indicating choking as a possible COD. Other possible COD is exsanguination. The deceased was found with trousers around the knees, and the genitals were removed. A thorough search of the area did not yield the missing body parts. Further investigation is required.

Point of interest: Four driver licenses (verified) were found in the drawer of a nightstand next to the bed in the bedroom (See case photos 71-92). The names on the licenses are as follows: Ashley Mason, Tricia Halworthy, Amanda Leward and Lisa Rupert. Along with these four legitimate licenses, six falsified driver licenses were also found. The false names are as follows: Allison Meany, Mina Carver, Caitlin Fredericks, Emma Joyce, Penelope Baxter and Mary Whitmore. Facial recognition software was able to correctly identify three of the six faces on the falsified cards: Allison Meany, Mina Carver and Emma Joyce. Their true names are Emily Yates, Lucy Ludarac and Beatrice Nestor respectively. One verified state identification card was also found. The name is Gretchen Anton. None of the parties on the cards could be reached for questioning. They are all deceased or missing within the last six years. Further investigation is required.

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