Repercussions(The Consequences)✔ by Enockito
Repercussions(The Consequences)✔by Enock Quayson
Z. M.(Completed as of 7th September after starting on 23rd June 2018) 2nd Place in Blue Rose Awards 1st place in Conquest Awards Handsome, sexy and virile with a body t...
  • tragedy
  • onedirection
  • adultfiction
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The Egg at Dumstreet by RainerSalt
The Egg at Dumstreetby RainerSalt
[Completed] A U.S. expatriate is cast into a rainy, foggy corner of Europe. He went there on the pretense to work on his research, but he actually wanted to put as many...
  • whodunit
  • murder
  • adultfic
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The Painted Altar by bigimp
The Painted Altarby Mick Smith
##TWICE-WEEKLY POSTS## Two interconnected murders, 64 years apart. Plot Set partly in rural England, partly on the sun-kissed coast of southerm Italy, The Painted Altar...
  • ww2fiction
  • romance
  • litfic
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Empire Day ✓ by SapphireAlena
Empire Day ✓by SapphireAlena
1st place: Star Wars Fanfiction Awards Luke Skywalker is turning 8 in just a few days on Empire Day. Unfortunately, the Empire has ordered a galaxy-wide census on Empire...
  • rex
  • anidala
  • padme
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New Earth 6 by krazydiamond
New Earth 6by Kristin Jacques
'Firefly meets Battlestar Galactica'. A merchant's daughter is captured and sold into slavery. A genetically modified survivor of an alien attack scours the gal...
  • stars
  • resistance
  • rebellion
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Hearts Of Glass #AdultFiction by CathyAltier
Hearts Of Glass #AdultFictionby CathyAltier
WATTPAD FEATURED STORY It's the summer of 1976. Sarah has lived in the small lakeside town of Breezewood all her life, growing up with her two best friends, Midgie an...
  • grownupreads
  • chicklit
  • romance
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Secrets & Lies by pseudoannie
Secrets & Liesby pseudoannie
(Updates on Monday and Friday) Jake Martin had been keeping a secret about his brother's death for four years. Now in the course of one summer, Jake's life was turned u...
  • betrayal
  • infidelity
  • suicide
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FALLOUTby Aereth C. Swinden
"Glass shattered, the pavement shook, screams pierced the dust filled air. And all I could think was, he found me." In the distant future after the world wars...
  • dystopian
  • survival
  • journey
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The Journey To Thebes by bibliolumbricus
The Journey To Thebesby Cate
✔ PREQUEL--Archaeologist Daniel Sterling risked his career and reputation in order to save an artifact from the clutches of a tomb robber. Now faced with unemployment an...
  • featured
  • adult
  • adultfiction
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Untill Our Last Breath  by dsmriti77
Untill Our Last Breath by igot7Armyofkpop
Jk is a Ruthless Mafia prince. He had everything he Ever wish for by himself even . He never hesitate to take a life. Never had never will his heart is frozen. He take...
  • crazy
  • vkook
  • taehyung
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Earth's Altar by Frode92
Earth's Altarby G. F. Berntsen
The discovery of a prehistoric body sets in motion a chain of events long prophesied by a Northern Paiute mystic. Still grieving his mother's death, Seattle bachelor Pet...
  • thriller
  • michaelcrichton
  • pandemic
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Cold Outside by pseudoannie
Cold Outsideby pseudoannie
(Completed) With a past and now a present, could they have a future? Once again Bethany was planning the foundation's annual winter gala and the last person she expected...
  • love
  • nonteenfiction
  • contestwinner
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An Unlikely Arrangement by AERETHCSWINDEN
An Unlikely Arrangementby Aereth C. Swinden
When Mara Kirkpatrick and Rayden Connors stumble upon each other after trying to escape reality on their own, they decide it might take two to get the job done. Both fac...
  • secrets
  • love
  • chicago
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Rise of Ren || Star Wars ✓ by SapphireAlena
Rise of Ren || Star Wars ✓by SapphireAlena
SEQUEL TO _Star Wars: The New Jedi Order_ (A Fan Reboot NOT retconned to TLJ-may this story be a place...
  • knightsofren
  • naluma
  • fanfic
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Emerald: Dendro by jinnis
Emerald: Dendroby Jinn Tiole
The planet seems perfect for human settlement: water, an earth-like atmosphere and a lush vegetation. Mil plunges into the study of the biosphere with professional enthu...
  • adventure
  • planet
  • ecology
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English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect Prequel (Shenko) by Julianne_Winters
English Bay Blues: A Mass Effect Julianne Winters
~~MASS EFFECT: BOOK 1 of 3~~ *Continues in Dragon's Teeth: Mass Effect 1 Ranked #8 in Mass Effect When 17 year-old Kaidan Alenko accidentally kills his turian instructor...
  • space
  • femshepxkaidan
  • canada
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Then, There Was Aine ✅ by MeiSummer
Then, There Was Aine ✅by Meixia (美夏)
🌼 Wattpad Featured Story 🌼 Highest rank: #423 in Short Story (28 September 2017) Jaejoon wanted to die. As a musical protégé, he had quickly risen to stardom only to r...
  • cute
  • onemillionproject
  • asiansinlit
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Information Guide by adultfiction
Information Guideby Adult Fiction
Come on in to discover what AdultFic is all about.
  • adultfic
  • adultfiction
Of Forests & Clocks & Dreams (A Literary & Art Collection) by takatsu
Of Forests & Clocks & Dreams (A TAKATSU タカ
[Literary, Short Story, Poems, Art, Philosophy] (In Editing) Strange conversations, ringing phones, umbrellas, talking birds, a girl with a top hat, grandfather clocks...
  • magical
  • life
  • inspiration
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Alone by pseudoannie
Aloneby pseudoannie
(Completed) When two people who know loss meet, can they find a way to heal each other... Can a young girl bring them together? Winning entry for Wattpad Chicklit Writin...
  • nonteenfiction
  • loss
  • parent
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