Temper: Devotion +18 by Lila-Mina
Temper: Devotion +18by Lila Mina
BOOK 2 - COMPLETE **Explicit** (Book 1 is WP Featured!🌟) With the hot and humid months of the year upon Tokyo, tempers and bodies are even quicker to burst into flames...
  • lovestory
  • supernatural
  • friendship
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Unexpected by pseudoannie
Unexpectedby pseudoannie
Nick had suffered sorrow and loss. He relied on his family to help him survive. He was surrounded by loving couples. Could Nick ever find happiness and a love like th...
  • unexpected
  • medical
  • widower
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Temper: Dread +18 by Lila-Mina
Temper: Dread +18by Lila Mina
BOOK 3 - COMPLETE **Explicit** (Book 1 is WP Featured!🌟) The web of lies that Honda and Lana weave to protect their loved ones thickens. Tensions flare as they struggl...
  • polyamory
  • yokai
  • sexscenes
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Repercussions(The Consequences) by Storyholic14
Repercussions(The Consequences)by Enock Quayson
New Handsome, sexy and virile with a body to kill and die for, Zain Chadwick is every woman's dream. However, for reasons known to only him, he refuses to have any kind...
  • pearlawards2018
  • erotic
  • tragic
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(A) MUSE by TokitoAmaru
(A) MUSEby Tokito Amaru
Even a prince's charms can drop like petals and wither Celeste thinks as she roams the streets after a quarrel with her boyfriend, with whom she imagined living happily...
  • generalfiction
  • newadult
  • guilt
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The Return of the LOLZ. Follow the misadventures of Lad and his band of Heros as they travel the Land Realms of Rela. WARRING this novel has adult content such as extrem...
  • magic
  • adventure
  • comedy
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ὄστρακα by johnnedwill
ὄστρακαby John Nedwill
Another collection of short pieces, random thoughts and things that occurred to me in the middle of the night.
  • onemillionproject
  • historical
  • adultfic
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The Fallow by Fairytale_Fabler
The Fallowby Alicia J. Britton
[ COMPLETE / Dystopian / Mature / Dark Romance ] In the not-so-distant future . . . and if a cult could rule what remains of the world . . . While Portsmith is undergoin...
  • adultfic
  • love
  • mature
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Puerto Seguro - A Pirate's Tale by PedanticAndGrumpy
Puerto Seguro - A Pirate's Taleby Oliver Pratt
In Puerto Seguro, things turn bad for the Lady Lesya's crew. Savy, the "honored guest" on board, barely escapes rape and murder visiting the city she was never...
  • ultimatecontest
  • storyteller
  • adventure
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Temper: Deliverance +18 by Lila-Mina
Temper: Deliverance +18by Lila Mina
BOOK 4 - COMPLETE **Explicit** (Book 1 is WP Featured!🌟) Pure joy and sweet bliss mingling with utter horror and heartbreaking agony: in Nikko, pristine snow turns red...
  • wattys2018
  • adultfiction
  • lovestory
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The Ghost by DarkLadyAthara
The Ghostby DarkLadyAthara
*New Chapters Go Up Every Friday* Second Place Winner in the Heavenly Awards for FanFiction Second Place Winner in the Angel Awards for FanFiction A Marvel Cinematic Uni...
  • clintbarton
  • motherdaughter
  • adultfic
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Accused by luckydonivan
Novella, Crime drama Happily ever after doesn't exist anymore. A failed relationship and subsequent arrest disrupt a state trooper's life and change his outlook on love...
  • copdrama
  • murder
  • wpafterdark
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Rogue Rewritten by JEHallows
Rogue Rewrittenby J. E. Hallows
The best stories have a sprinkle of truth about them, the kind of uncomfortable truth that stems from the deepest parts of the human soul. A writer's job is to dig for t...
  • 18thcentury
  • romantic
  • love
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The Blade by Reffster
The Bladeby Alex Midwinter
Exams, no girlfriend, a cantankerous grandfather - George had it tough. And that's even before the assassins came for him, he discovered he's descended from a god, and...
  • adventure
  • comedy
  • completed
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The Empress by zlatoluna
The Empressby Kat
Louis, my first love, the man who stole my heart despite abandoning me when I needed him the most. Now he's back, only this time we're on the opposite sides of the barr...
  • adultromance
  • royalty
  • love
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Best Books by Bookworm101xx
Best Booksby Q
Ever started reading a book only to put it back again? The best books on wattpad are here. From romance, drama to thriller/mystery, paranormal and other book genre's. Yo...
  • wattpad
  • mature
  • sexual
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Warriors of the Hollow World by StevenBrandt
Warriors of the Hollow Worldby Steven Brandt
*** An Ooorah's 2017 Winner in categories "Space Opera" and "SF Writer" *** In a distant future, on the edge of known space, a discovery is made whi...
  • scifi
  • wattys2017
  • robot
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A Room for My Pretend Love ✅ by MeiSummer
A Room for My Pretend Love ✅by Meixia (美夏)
🌸WATTPAD FEATURED STORY🌸 [Winner of 14 awards. Highest rank: #34 in Romance (17 September 2017)] "Can I stay with you tonight?" When Suki asked that...
  • chicklit
  • icuawards2017
  • rich
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Misery & Bliss: The Reborn by Megerah111
Misery & Bliss: The Rebornby Megan Larocque
*Completed!* "I hope you find peace, or such a peace as those as we can summon" -Penny Dreadful Elijah is dead, but now Laura faces the aftermath of the horrif...
  • grownupreads
  • romance
  • royalty
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Misery & Bliss: The Hunted by Megerah111
Misery & Bliss: The Huntedby Megan Larocque
***Completed!*** "Of all the words of mice and men, the saddest are, it might have been" -Kurt Vonnegut The war continues. Laura is struck by the revelation t...
  • fantasy
  • grownupreads
  • fiction
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