Transcript-Interrogation of Sharon Bates

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Transcript-Interrogation of Sharon Bates

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 1113 Fairview Rd., Clear Water [123 mi from Haven Park]-Home of Emily Burns (Mother of Sharon Bates)

Date: 11/03/2012

Time: 3:20PM

Dalton: Have you spoken to or heard from your husband in the last four days?

Bates: No, no I haven't. Lord, do you know where he is?

Dalton: At this time, he is still listed as a missing person.

Bates: I just keep hoping that I'll hear from him. Every time the phone rings, I run to it and ask if it's Vince. I don't even say hello. I screamed at a telemarketer yesterday. I just lost it. I was so angry it wasn't him.

Dalton: Do you have any idea where he may have gone?

Bates: Not for this long, no. Is it true, what the officers said on the phone? Did you really find all that blood?

Dalton: I'm afraid so, yes.

Bates: Oh my god. He's gone. He's really gone, isn't he?

Dalton: Ms. Bates, people don't just disappear. We'll find your husband.

Bates: Alive?

Dalton: I don't want to promise anything, but we're doing our best. Did Vincent seem different in any way in the days leading up to his disappearance?

Bates: Yes, yes, at first, he was so angry. He was just furious. I asked him if anything was wrong, but he'd just say no and storm out of the room.

Dalton: And when did this behavior start?

Bates: After you came and talked to him. What did you talk about?

Dalton: The first time Detective Renfield and I came to see him?

Bates: Yes, the first time. What did you talk about?

Dalton: Your husband didn't tell you?

Bates: No, what was it?

Dalton: You didn't hear?

Bates: I wasn't listening.

Dalton: You heard him swear, I remember.

Bates: Selective hearing, I guess. Vince used to be so foul-mouthed. When Danny was born, I instituted the swear jar because I didn't want him to hear that kind of language. Ever since then, if someone drops an f-bomb in my house, I can hear it.

Dalton: So you have no idea what your husband and I talked about when I was there?

Bates: No. I remember he sounded angry at you when you came the second time. I remember him shouting.

Dalton: I don't think he was angry at me, Ms. Bates. I think he was angry at [PAUSE] something else.

Bates: What did you two talk about?

Dalton: Does the name Dallas Gaines mean anything to you?

Bates: No.

Dalton: How about Cullen Krast?

Bates: No.

Dalton: Jack Sitersin?

Bates: No. Who are these people?

Dalton: How long have you been married to your husband, Ms. Bates?

Bates: Just over four years. Why?

Dalton: I see. And at any point in your marriage has your husband had to leave for a period of, oh, let's say, three and a half months?

Bates: Yes, how did you know that?

Dalton: And where is it that he went?

Bates: Vince is a contractor. He signed some government contract to build bathrooms in some building, a school I think, over in Iraq as part of a rebuilding effort.

Dalton: Did he have to leave suddenly?

Bates: As a matter of fact, he did. He said it might be coming about a week or two beforehand, and sent Danny and me here, to my mother's while he went overseas.

Dalton: He didn't call when he was in, uhh, Iraq, did he?

Bates: No, he said there was no phone service.

Dalton: I see. Does the name Lucy Ludarac mean anything to you?

Bates: No, why?

Dalton: Do you read or watch the news, Ms. Bates?

Bates: No, never. It's too depressing, and I knew that if I started watching while Vince was in Iraq, I'd only worry my hair out. I guess I got into a habit of being uninformed. What did you and my husband talk about when you came here?

Dalton: I wouldn't worry myself with that, Ms. Bates. You said Vincent was angry at first. Did his mood change as the date of his disappearance came closer?

Bates: Yes. He went from angry to, I don't know, it's hard to describe. He went from angry to calm.

Dalton: Calm?

Bates: Yes, but too calm, like he had lost all of his emotions [PAUSE] more resigned.

Dalton: I knew you would be here because of an e-mail Vincent sent prior to the disappearance. He mentioned that this is where we would find you. Did he give you a reason for your coming up here?

Bates: No, not really. It was so odd. At first, he said Danny and I should take a vacation, just the two of us, up to my mother's. I said that was fine and he should come too, but he said he didn't want to. I asked why just the two of us should go, and he just said that we should. Well, I kept saying no, but he got more and more adamant about it. He just kept asking and asking. It started to sound like a demand and then a desperate plea. I kept asking why we should go, but he never did tell me. Eventually, I just got sick of arguing, and Danny hadn't seen his grandmother in a while, so I just went. Two days later, the police called to tell me what they had found in my house and to ask if Vince was here with me.

Dalton: Did he give you any idea of how long you should stay here?

Bates: He just said he'd call when we should come back. Now, we may just stay here.

Dalton: Well, that's all of my questions, Ms. Bates. Thank you for this information. I'll make sure to let you know the moment we find anything.

Bates: Thank you, Officer.

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