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To: Sgt. Adam Dalton

From: Lt. William Barton

Subject: Formal Requests

Sgt. Adam Dalton,

Judge Allen has granted your request for a search warrant. I am also granting the request for the children to be taken into protective custody. The District Attorney's office has obtained the order. I have spoken with our contact at child protective services, Marissa Rodriguez. She will spearhead the child abuse case.

As for your request regarding an interrogation of the two children, Judge Allen granted the order, but he feels, as I do, that you are on very thin ice here, Dalton. If those children really are the victims of child abuse, as you suspect they are, I want you to make sure you handle the situation with the appropriate amount of delicacy. I don't want this backfiring on us, so I am ordering you to have Ms. Rodriguez and Dr. Frederick Keats, the child psychologist that the department has on retainer, present for the interrogations. This addendum is nonnegotiable.

Keep me updated on Renfield. I will handle the situation based on your information.

Lt. William Barton

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