Investigation (Begin)-- Letter

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The following letter was found among the personal effects of Eric Renfield. The author of the letter is unknown. The date of the letter is unknown. Both the prosecution and the defense have requested this letter be included among the evidence. It reads as follows:

Eric Renfield,

Do not discard or disregard this letter. It is of vital importance. This letter’s purpose is to warn you of the trials to come.

Soon, I cannot tell you when, you will be faced with a challenge that will test you. Your logical reasoning will be under assault because the impossible will occur. Your sense of morality will be twisted against your will. Your faith will be destroyed.

Evil perpetuates itself. In cases when evil is the effect, it is usually the cause as well. Malice breeds malice. Hatred inspires hatred, and a serpent will never successfully swallow itself whole. An incident has recently occurred. The incident itself was only the next in a series of evil events, but there are other chains of evil that are passed from generation to generation. Several of these chains are about to intersect. If a snake eats itself, and the snake is a hydra, it can bite its own head off, multiplying itself indefinitely.

You will soon find yourself in a vital position: the only person that can stop this evil from slithering any further into the future. It will not be easy. It is a test. You must not fail.

I deeply regret that I must tell you this, but I am also grateful that I have.


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