Transcript-Interrogation of David Lewis

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Transcript—Interrogation of David Lewis

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 1432 Burton St.—Office of David Lewis

Date: 10/7/2012

Time: 3:10 PM

Dalton: Thank you for your time Mr. Lewis. For the record, you were Dallas Gaines’s parole officer until his death. Is that correct?

Lewis: Yes, that’s correct.

Dalton: Thank you. Did Mr. Gaines express any fear of an attack to you during the time leading up to his death?

Lewis: No. I can’t say that he did. That said, Dallas was a pretty tough guy. Even if he was terrified, he never would have said a word about it, at least not to me.

Dalton: Did you ever suspect he was in any danger of being attacked?

Lewis: No. I was much more inclined to believe Dallas would attack someone else. He had repeat offender written all over him. To be honest, I’m surprised he was out of prison for as long as he was. When I first met him, I assumed he was one of the ones that I would see twice, maybe three times before he got arrested again.

Renfield: You are aware that he was the subject of an investigation and trial some months ago?

Lewis: Of course I’m aware. I’m his PO for God’s sake. He wasn’t convicted though. Have you talked to Lucy’s father?

Dalton: Why should we do that?

Lewis: Did you follow that trial? I did. If I had to pick one guy on Earth with a legitimate motive to kill Dallas Gaines, I’d pick Lucy’s dad.

Renfield: What about her mother?

Lewis: Maybe, but Gaines was a big guy, built like a linebacker. Unless he was shot, my gut tells me a woman wouldn’t be capable of killing Dallas.

Dalton: Did Mr. Gaines mention Jonathan Ludarac prior to his death?

Lewis: Not that I recall. Even during the trial I never heard him talk about her dad. In fact, all he told me about the allegations was that he was innocent. Never really said anything else. I only mention him because Dallas wasn’t convicted, and if we’re being honest, he probably should have been. I guess we’ll never really know if he did it though.

Dalton: Did his silence about the charges strike you as strange?

Lewis: No. Dallas had been through a trial before and lost. Hell, that’s why he had to come and see me. He knew better than to say more than he should.

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