Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

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Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Attorney Present: Stephen Harker (Ludarac Counsel)

Location: County Sheriff's Office

Date: 11/11/2012

Time: 12:30 PM

Dalton: Good Afternoon, Mr. Ludarac.

Harker: Good Afternoon, Detective Dalton.

Dalton: I have some more questions for you.

Harker: I've advised my client not to speak about any matters related to the deaths in question.

Renfield: That's fine. How about items we found in his home?

Harker: What are you referring to?

Renfield: A book.

Ludarac: What book?

Harker: Jon, please. What book, Detective?

Renfield: This book. [Shows Suspect Evidence container 5-1]

Harker: May I have a moment alone with my client?

Renfield: Certainly. Knock on the glass when you are through.

[Tape turned off]

[Tape turned on]

Renfield: What can you tell me about this book, Mr. Ludarac?

Ludarac: It's just a book.

Renfield: We know that you bought it at Necrosis Occult and Novelty Items. Can you tell me why you bought this book?

Ludarac: I wanted to keep a diary.

Renfield: The shop guy remembers you. He said you bought a book- not a diary, a book.

Ludarac: I did. This is not the same book.

Renfield: Can you tell me where the book you bought is?

Ludarac: No. It was destroyed.

Renfield: And how did that happen, Mr. Ludarac.

Ludarac: I do not recall.

Renfield: Why was the bible in your bedroom defaced?

Harker: You don't have to answer that.

Dalton: Where's your baby, Mr. Ludarac?

Harker: Is that what you are investigating, Detective?

Dalton: It's just that there seem to be a lot of loose-ends surrounding your life. If we prosecute, we are going to find out these answers anyway. I think it's easier for Jonathan to just tell us now.

Harker: This interrogation is over unless you have some relevant questions.

Dalton: Mr. Ludarac, tell me what happened.

Ludarac: I made a horrible mistake.

Harker: This interrogation is over.

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