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Transcript-Interrogation of Steven Thompson

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Transcript-Interrogation of Steven Thompson (Conducted Via Telephone)

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Date: 10/30/2012

Time: 1:15PM

Thompson: Hello?

Dalton: Hello, my name is Detective Adam Dalton. I'm calling for Steven Thompson.

Thompson: Speaking.

Dalton: Hello, Mr. Thompson. I'm calling with a few questions about your brother-in-law, Jonathan Ludarac.

Thompson: Ah.

Dalton: Were you expecting a call from the County Sheriff's Office?

Thompson: I watch the news. I'd wondered whether or not I would hear from you.

Dalton: This call is being recorded. Is that alright?

Thompson: That's fine.

Dalton: Have you spoken with your sister, Dana, recently?

Thompson: No one picks up their phone anymore. I can't get ahold of her.

Dalton: When was the last time you spoke to her?

Thompson: I flew out there for the trial, so I guess the last time I spoke with her was the day of the verdict.

Dalton: I see, and have you spoken with Jonathan since that day?

Thompson: Jon and I have never been that close. When I call their house, I'm really calling for Dana or to talk to one of the kids.

Dalton: You were there on the day of the verdict?

Thompson: Oh yeah, that's a day I'll never forget.

Dalton: Do you recall Jonathan's reaction to the hung jury?

Thompson: Jon? Worn-out, exasperated, call it what you want. He seemed tired, I guess. You know, we keep calling it a verdict, but it wasn't really. Guilty and not guilty, those are verdicts, but a hung jury is more like ellipses at the end of a sentence, a promise of more to come. I didn't even hear from either one of them when the DA dropped the charges. I heard it on the news, but like I said, whenever I try to call, all I hear are ringtones and their machine.

Dalton: Jonathan did not appear angry?

Thompson: No, not that I saw, just tired.

Dalton: And Dana?

Thompson: That's another story. I don't think I've ever seen my sister so furious. I could have sworn she was going to rip those four guys' throats out right then and there. Have you ever heard that story about the mom who lifted a bus that her child was trapped under? Well, at that moment, after they read that verdict-oh sorry, I did air-quotes around verdict-after they said mistrial, I think Dana was angry enough to lift a bus just to throw it at those four.

Dalton: Did Dana say anything to you that would lead you to believe she might take action against the accused?

Thompson: You're barking up the wrong tree. Sure, she was pissed after the trial, but what mother wouldn't be? She was pissed because of her inability to help her child, to get Lucy justice. Her best efforts failed. I was pissed too. That was my niece. Those guys should have been in prison.

Dalton: Would you say you know Jonathan fairly well?

Thompson: I guess I know him pretty well. I think I told you we weren't particularly close, but I guess I know a lot about him.

Dalton: Can you describe his personality to me?

Thompson: Jon's quiet, reserved. He could be in a room with you, and you may never know it. He's sort of like one of those-oh, what do you call them-chameleons. He just sort of blends in with his surroundings. He's a nice guy though, friendly, sociable when he wants to be, but sometimes he comes off like he doesn't want to be seen or talked to.

Dalton: Does he display any violent or aggressive tendencies?

Thompson: Not from what I've seen.

Dalton: Out of curiosity, how did he and Dana meet?

Thompson: Oh boy, I guess I'm not entirely sure. I know it was while Dana was in college. She came home for Thanksgiving one year and she brought Jon with her. That was when I first met him. Of course, we were all interested in this guy that Dana was clearly dating, and we asked him a bunch of questions, but to be honest, I don't really recall what was said that night.

Dalton: When did they get married?

Thompson: That was back in [PAUSE] it was [PAUSE] uh, you know what? I have no idea. It was a little bit after Dana left college, I guess.

Dalton: You don't remember your sister getting married?

Thompson: I would if I had been there, but they didn't invite anyone. In fact, Dana told the family in an e-mail. All it said was, "Jon and I got married. Love, Dana Ludarac."

Dalton: Have there been any problems in their marriage that you are aware of?

Thompson: Not that I've heard about or noticed. I think Dana is really in charge though. She wears the pants, you know what I mean?

Dalton: Yes, I understand. How is their relationship with the children?

Thompson: Great. They've got a pretty typical home. They make sure the kids eat a good breakfast before school. They make sure they've done their homework. They're encouraging and supportive. They're good parents.

Dalton: Well, that concludes my questions. Thank you for your time, Mr. Thompson. Can I call you again if I think of anything further?

Thompson: Sure, no problem.

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