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Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

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Transcript-Interrogation of Jonathan Ludarac

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: County Sherriff's Office

Date: 11/06/2012

Time: 11:40 AM

Dalton: Do you know why you are being questioned here today, Mr. Ludarac?

Ludarac: I'd like to know.

Dalton: In the past four weeks, Dallas Gaines, Cullen Krast, Jack Sitersin and Vincent Bates have all died or gone missing.

Ludarac: You think I'm responsible?

Dalton: We shouldn't?

Ludarac: I did not kill four men.

Dalton: No, of course not. I'm sure these are all just accidents. Would you like to see some photos?

Ludarac: I'd rather not.

Dalton: No, no, Mr. Ludarac. I think we should look at some photos. Take a gander at these. That is Dallas Gaines. Oh, you know what? I should say "was." That was Dallas Gaines. That is a hell of an accident. This one here, this is Cullen Krast. He got quite a make-over, didn't he? Don't look away, Jonathan. Look at the photos. These are the ones from Jack Sitersin's final resting place. Looks like an animal attacked him, right? That's not what our evidence suggests happened. There was an interesting coincidence too. We found your daughter's fake ID in his home. Can you tell me anything about what happened to these men?

Ludarac: And Bates?

Dalton: What about Bates?

Ludarac: Do you have any photos to show me?

Dalton: Yeah, a couple thousand. What happened to Vincent Bates?

Ludarac: I don't know. You didn't show me any photos.

Dalton: Fine. What happened to these three?

Ludarac: They appear to have died.

Dalton: Don't play games with us. These are serious crimes that have serious consequences for their perpetrator. If you had any part in these murders, it is best if you let me know that right now, Mr. Ludarac.

Ludarac: Do I have the option of having a lawyer?

Dalton: You have that right.

Ludarac: Okay.

Dalton: Am I to understand that you would like to invoke the right to have a lawyer present for this interrogation?

Ludarac: No, that's alright. If I feel I need one, I will invoke that right though. Am I being charged with anything?

Dalton: Mr. Ludarac, did you murder Dallas Gaines, Cullen Krast, Jack Sitersin or Vincent Bates?

Ludarac: I would prefer not to answer that question. Am I being charged with anything?

Dalton: Not at this time.

Ludarac: Then am I to understand that in the eyes of the law, these murders are unsolved?

Dalton: The investigation is ongoing. All of our leads go right to your doorstep.

Ludarac: Do you believe I killed these men, Detective?

Dalton: You are not the one asking the questions here. Where were you the night of October 6th?

Ludarac: I believe I told you the first time we spoke that I was at home with my wife and that she can verify my whereabouts.

Dalton: Where were you on the night of October 15th?

Ludarac: I do not recall.

Dalton: The night of October 20th.

Ludarac: I believe I was at home. My wife can verify my whereabouts.

Dalton: The night of October 31st.

Ludarac: Home again, Detective. I believe you stationed an officer outside my house, so you should have a record that says I never left.

Renfield: That officer was me. As a matter of fact, we do have a record. I saw that [Pause] someone came out of your house.

Ludarac: I don't know anything about that. Someone must have broken in.

Renfield: And left through the chimney?

Ludarac: I don't know anything about it.

Renfield: Mr. Ludarac, I know who I saw in your backyard. I want to know how-

Dalton: Mr. Ludarac, I would like to impress upon you the severity of your situation. We have damning evidence that you murdered one man. Even you must admit that it is not a stretch to imagine that you may have murdered the other three. Resisting the inevitable truth will not help you or your family.

Ludarac: You didn't help us before.

Dalton: Excuse me?

Ludarac: If neither of us can help my family, what am I to do?

Dalton: If you are protecting someone, I need to know that. Running from this will only make it harder. The evidence we have points at you. Your wife, your daughter, your son, they're not physically capable of doing the things in these photos. I need to know what happened for me to help them.

Ludarac: Are you familiar with Lucy's case, Detectives?

Dalton: Yes.

Ludarac: Then you know that the truth doesn't mean anything. It's the story that has the consequences. The truth won't help you.

Dalton: I understand that you believe the criminal justice system failed you. I'll be honest, I even believe that you may be right, but you have to realize that one failure does not mean the whole system no longer applies. The guilt of these four men is still undetermined in my eyes, but I'm not looking for what they did. I'm looking for whoever did something to them. I think you did something to them.

Ludarac: You may be mistaken.

Renfield: What happened to your baby, Mr. Ludarac?

Ludarac: I think I would like a lawyer now.

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