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Natalie's Diary by KeriHalfacre
Natalie's Diaryby Keri Halfacre
When Jane Madarang's neighbor Natalie kills herself and leaves behind cryptic instructions, it's up to Jane and her classmates to unearth deadly secrets. ...
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The Bad Boy Stole My Diary  by _neanea_
The Bad Boy Stole My Diary by babyloves
"I love how innocent you act, but I know you're not." **************************** My dad had given me a simple journal that I thought I'd never use. When I f...
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The Red Door by OriginalRevolver
The Red Doorby Sara Pupa
When Mollie starts to prefer the dreams she's having to the painful reality of life, she's forced to choose between embracing a fantasy or the man she loves. ...
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Serial by BLGielen
Serialby BL Gielen
Emmy will stop at nothing to become the next Prima ballerina - so what will she do when she finds out that a serial killer is stalking her? ...
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Troublemaker by fayeaden
Troublemakerby faye
[Re-written version] Winnie Indigo never expected to find the diary of bad boy Brody nor was she ready to face the events that unfolded after.
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Lay Her Down To Rest by SaintGandalf
Lay Her Down To Restby Call me whatever
Some may say that ignorance is bliss while others deem it unbecoming. Diana's life moto is not one all can agree with. She much prefers pushing away at her problems and...
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The Secrets of a Nation  by ladyluckassassin
The Secrets of a Nation by ladyluckassassin
This is basically a story just like all the other nation diary books... so... yeah... ADVENTURE!!! 37/37 Started late 2017-completed March 18, 2020
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Miraculous Diary by CrispMosaic
Miraculous Diaryby 🍁Variiscite🍁
Ladybug couldn't keep going. She tripped. She fell. And she couldn't get up. "No...NO!" She screamed struggling to get up. "YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME...
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Roots Before Branches by caIebjames
Roots Before Branchesby Caleb James
"I found solace in open love, And for that I know I am enough". Written across Europe, this poetry collection is all about self-love, self-acceptance, change...
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Hosie - Hogwarts Au (Harry Potter / Legacies) by noendiswell
Hosie - Hogwarts Au (Harry Potter...by aStEr
Hope Mikaelson is a sixth-year, pureblooded Slytherin trying to escape the pressures of her family. Josie Saltzman is a muggleborn transfer student...
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IF ONLY - Hosie / Hizzie  by noendiswell
IF ONLY - Hosie / Hizzie by aStEr
This starts after legacies season 1 episode 13, but a twist Landon didn't come back from the dead. Its a Hosie story with a slow burn, and almost follows as the TV ser...
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Harry Potter's Pen Pal by Sweet_Wing_Queen101
Harry Potter's Pen Palby ChIcKeN sTrIpS
What would have happened if Harry had gotten the diary Horcrux instead of Ginny? Harry is confused about many things. Why won't Dumbledore let him stay at Hogwarts for t...
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anticlockwise	~ ksj x reader by bumbyeogirl
anticlockwise ~ ksj x readerby bumbyeogirl
°a girl's entries to what went wrong° hidden burdens and care are often two sides of the same coin. a Jin x reader story
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I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now I'm Stuck In Naruto!?!? by dawnofdelia
I Got Caught In A Storm... And Now...by dawnofdelia
Minxie Patterson lived an average life... Until the day she ended up getting sucked into the Naruto world due to a chaotic storm. Now, as a Leaf shinobi, she's on Team 7...
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Waiting For Him by oneuniquereader
Waiting For Himby Pika
Featured on Wattpad NA. |Reached #1 in #ShortStoryCollection on 5/04/20| |Reached #113 in Short-Story on 8/07/17| |Reached #1 in #saynotobullying on 28/4/19| |Reached #5...
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The Vampire's Maid by Thatwasawkward
The Vampire's Maidby Sara Kate
Following the slaughter of her village, Elizabeth is plunged into the dangerous and deceptive world of Vampires. Forced to work as a maid for one of the most highly hono...
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Dear Diary, Life is trying me by Join_The_MCRmy
Dear Diary, Life is trying meby Ellie
Gerard Way, awkward teenager extraordinaire, decides to write in a journal to get rid of some of his teenage angst. Along the way, he becomes infatuated with a boy aroun...
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Hoping (MiChaeng) by Tzuyuismywifey
Hoping (MiChaeng)by tzUwU
Mina who is hoping that someday that she'll be cure from her stage 3 lung cancer and be together with her girlfriend Chaeyoung. Hoping someday that she will be happy and...
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dear mingyu┃meanie by chogiwanese
dear mingyu┃meanieby 𝓫𝓸𝓰𝓼𝓲𝓮
╻wonwoo lost his diary╹ ❀ meanie ❀ chogiwanese
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Diary of a Molested Teenage Girl by lilolov3
Diary of a Molested Teenage Girlby Chey
This is the story of a girl who is trying to find herself again after being molested. It's been a journey so far. Follow Rayven's journey through this heinous act that...
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