From her diary to her heart by burntpapers
From her diary to her heartby burntpapers
#8 in Romance (September 13 2016) COMPLETED Expectations are something which truly mock you in the face. When you expect more you get less. Tiffany Devon was an orphaned...
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DDLG Diary by lightsaberstyles
DDLG Diaryby ℬ a b y
Here lies the actual evidence of my current (soon to be-ish like it's going well) relationship. Honestly, I don't know how the fuck I ended up here, but here the fuck I...
  • ddlg
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Dear Universe, ✔ by ksstories5
Dear Universe, ✔by K
"Don't leave, Annie. We can figure this out." I'm begging and just when I think she's going to give in, she turns and starts to walk away. I can feel my heart...
  • breakup
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The Diary of Rikkard Ambrose by fizzybubbly
The Diary of Rikkard Ambroseby fizzybubbly
The title gives the game away slightly. This story is dedicated to @RobThier, the wonderful creator of Mr Rikkard Ambrose and Miss Lillian Linton. Big up Ifrits everywh...
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Twist in Fate || Tom Riddle by foreversmaug
Twist in Fate || Tom Riddleby s m a u g
Tom Riddle as a teenager; handsome, harsh and solitary. Evelyn Gallagher; a quiet Ravenclaw secretly sent back in time by Dumbledore to save Tom, and to prevent him from...
  • hogwarts
  • chamber
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The Secrets Hidden Within The Dairies Of The Nations by ColdHeartedLake
The Secrets Hidden Within The Dair...by ColdHeartedLake
The Ancients have become increasingly worried for the Nations of the world. It pains them greatly to see their children suffering in silence, so they have devised a plan...
  • germany
  • hetalia
  • crying
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WE AINT DONE YET (fourth randomness book) by ZoeSpook
WE AINT DONE YET (fourth randomnes...by Don't mess with your diamond
we're at book 4 already? man i need to get a life-
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Forgotten Love | ✎ WEEKLY UPDATES by trinitystories_xo
Forgotten Love | ✎ WEEKLY UPDATESby trinity sunalee
WEEKLY UPDATES! If you got your heart broken by your best friend, what would you do? A short story in which a heartbroken girl writes a series of letters to the only boy...
  • letter
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Secret Love Nest 2018 by ginaddict
Secret Love Nest 2018by sarah sy valle
After 2017, comes 2018, duh! LOL Dayu and Qing's love continues inside their home they fondly call their love nest. And they are still a secret. So shhhhh
  • romance
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WITH LOVE, EDDIE ( REDDIE! ) by -aaesthetic
❝i am so hopelessly and madly in love with you. but of course, i'd never tell you that.❞ [highest ranks; 498 in #fanfiction, 1 in #beverly] [completed] [ e. k. + r. t. ]...
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Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelings by AddilynLee
Conflicted Eyes, Confusing Feelingsby Polaris
Sage Tremaine has ... a small secret... Besides the fact that at age fifteen, he still sleeps with his teddy bear, "Skittles", and that he's terrified of li...
  • angst
  • drama
  • taygetsthegay
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Watchers by MaeOrwell
Watchersby Mae Orwell
On America's favorite TV show, the only prize is getting out alive. Daniel is an affluent Senator's son who has just been disowned over his gender transition. When he's...
  • lgbtq
  • suspense
  • nearfuture
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Diary Ng (TIBONG) Nerd by wallflowerangel_29
Diary Ng (TIBONG) Nerdby CEREALKiller101
Dear diary (Finn), Isa akong nerd na mukhang tomboy. At ito ang kwento ng buhay ko. "Oo nerd ako na hindi mahilig sa girl/cute stuffs pero may iniingatan akong diar...
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Snoozie's Notebook • s/mb by snooziie
Snoozie's Notebook • s/mbby ༻ི?
random book !
  • notebook
  • journal
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my wittle bookie by IMS0PURE
my wittle bookieby 💗
for me in wittle space.
  • little
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I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary | sequel to ISTBBD by fallenxroses
I Didn't Steal The Bad Boys Diary...by b r i ♡
Sequel to I Stole The Bad Boys Diary. You must read that story first or this will make zero sense!! - - - It's been months since Adam the man who controlled Scarlett's...
  • fiction
  • newstory
  • pressure
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Neneng by TheLadyInBlack09
Nenengby TheLadyInBlack09
Si Neneng. Ang isang dalagitang nais na mangulekta at bumuo ng magagandang alaala ng kanyang kabataan. Isang dalagita na nangangarap ng maganda at makulay na buhay. Han...
  • childabuse
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Lance's Notebook by http_RazzleDazzle
Lance's Notebookby http_RazzleDazzle
I'm Lance, of Voltron. Just in case you somehow couldn't figure that out. I am currently piloting the red lion... but I think I'm still the blue paladin? I mean... I wea...
  • lance
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Diary of a Duckbutt by artisabang_yeah
Diary of a Duckbuttby All my favourite characters c...
Ever wonder about Sasuke's inner thoughts and feelings? I do not own Naruto or any characters.
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