Memorial Hospital Post-Operational Report

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Memorial Hospital Post-Operational Report

Patient Name: Carmilla Ludarac

Operation: Birth

Attending Physician: Dr. Albert Walker

Date: [REDACTED][1]

Summary: Ms. Ludarac entered the hospital at approximately 6:00 in the evening and stated to the registering nurse that her water had broken. She was immediately taken into care in the labor and delivery ward. During her time in the ward, Ms. Ludarac disclosed that the child’s father would not be present. She would not divulge any information regarding the child’s paternity. Ms. Ludarac was in labor for approximately five and a half hours before the birthing process began.

It became immediately apparent that the child was being born breach with a type B nuchal cord. The child was, therefore, asphyxiating itself during the birthing process. Upon the first several attempts to cut the cord, the child’s arms blocked the attending physician’s ability to do so. A nurse was called to hold the child’s arms away from the area while Dr. Walker severed the cord.

At 11:31PM, the child (male) was born. The child was 16 inches and weighed 8.3lbs. Ms. Ludarac named him Jonathan. A birth record was created and submitted to the state. Jonathan Ludarac is now a citizen of the United States of America.

[1] Redacted to protect private information

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