Transcript-Interrogation of Anthony Shiner

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Transcript—Interrogation of Anthony Shiner

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 654 Benner St.—Big Tony’s Auto Parts and Garage

Date: 10/8/2012

Time: 2:50 PM

Dalton: Thank you for meeting with us Mr. Shiner. I know this must be an inconvenience for you.

Shiner: No problem, let’s just make this quick. I’ve got a Buick that needs new brake pads before 4:30.

Dalton: For the sake of the record, you were Dallas Gaines’s employer until recently. Is that correct?

Shiner: Yeah. Vinny, that doesn’t go there. It goes—No—Yeah, over there. Sorry about that. Vinny’s a dumb [EXPLETIVE DELETED].

Dalton: That’s alright. Did Dallas Gaines ever express any sign that he was in danger?

Shiner: No, can’t say that he did.

Dalton: Did you notice any change in him in the weeks leading up to his death?

Shiner: No, not really. He changed a little after the—Vinny, don’t put your hand in there. That lift will chop it right off. You want to go through life with only a left hand, you stupid kid? Do you? Sorry. What was I talking about?

Renfield: You were saying he changed.

Shiner: Oh, right. Yeah, after that trial business, he changed a little.

Dalton: In what way?

Shiner: He just seemed more careful. It’s hard to explain. It’s like he was constantly afraid someone was going to come up behind him and crack him over the head with a wrench, you know? It’s hard to explain.

Dalton: You’re saying he seemed nervous?

Shiner: Not nervous exactly. Look, I knew about his record when I hired him, and I lost an employee when he was on trial for—well, for what they said he did. I gave him his job back after the charges were dropped, and when he came back to work, he just seemed more careful. It was like escaping those kinds of charges by that little had scared the crime out of him or something. I guess he was just a little calmer or careful or something like that.

Renfield: Does the name Jonathan Ludarac mean anything to you?

Shiner: Ludarac? That was the name of the girl, right? Jonathan? Some family of hers?

Dalton: I think we have all we need. Thank you for your time, Mr. Shiner.

Shiner: No problem. For God’s sake, Vinny, if you put your hand in there one more time—

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