Transcript-Interrogation of Sister Abigail Inway

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Transcript-Interrogation of Sister Abigail Inway

Interrogating Officer: Sgt. Eric Renfield

Location: 642 Tanner St.-St. Mark's Church

Date: 10/21/2012

Time: 11:30 AM

Renfield: Is it alright if I record our conversation?

Inway: Yes, that's fine. You were asking Father Wallace about the Ludarac's, right?

Renfield: Yes, I was. What is your name?

Inway: Abigail Inway, Sister Abigail Inway. So sorry to stop you in the middle of the hallway like this.

Renfield: It's no trouble at all, Sister. What do you have to tell me?

Inway: It about them, the Ludarac's.

Renfield: What about them?

Inway: I've been here at St. Mark's for nearly fifty years. I've seen families come and go. I remember when the Ludaracs moved here. They were a cute young couple. Lucy was just a little girl back then, and I distinctly remember they came to church every Sunday. They came so often that they practically had reserved seating. It's the third pew on the left at noon Mass on Sunday. No one else would ever dream of sitting there; it's the Ludaracs' spot. I suppose each family has an unofficial spot though. As their family grew, so did their spot on the pew. They were such regular attendees that each of their children gained them two feet of pew space for the new addition. Come this Sunday, you'll see that their spot will be empty. No one sits there. Since Lucy died, that space of the pew has been vacant. We haven't seen them since the funeral.

Renfield: Their church attendance is not a matter for the law. Can you tell me anything that has a little more practical relevance?

Inway: Yes, I'm getting to that. When I noticed they had stopped coming, I stopped over at their house over on Mallum. I brought a pan of brownies because I know Dana has a sweet-tooth. She always bought a batch of my brownies at the annual bake sale. Anyway, I went to make sure everything was okay and when I got to their house, everything was-it was different.

Renfield: When was this?

Inway: It was four days ago.

Renfield: What do you mean by different?

Inway: It was like the very air in their house had changed. The whole time I was in there I felt a bit like I was falling, like I had vertigo or maybe I was winded. And there was another thing. It smelled odd in the house, like iron or sulfur. I couldn't quite place it at the time, but it reminded me of something metallic mixed with lit matches. And then I saw Dana.

Renfield: There was something wrong with her?

Inway: I should say so. She was smiling. She seemed pleased as punch. She couldn't stop grinning the whole time I spoke with her. It was an odd smile too. It made her teeth look, I don't know, sharper than usual. Her eyes were bloodshot, like she had been crying recently. She looked horrible, too thin and too stretched. I could see the veins in her face. I didn't want to address it. Maybe she just let herself go a little after what happened. After all, that would be perfectly natural. Her looks weren't what bothered me.

Renfield: What bothered you?

Inway: I asked how the baby was.

Renfield: When I spoke to Mr. Ludarac, I was led to believe that Ms. Ludarac miscarried.

Inway: Well Dana told me, and I quote, "We named her Lucy. She was very useful."

Renfield: Excuse me?

Inway: If I'm lying, may the Lord strike me down where I stand. I asked if I could see her, but Dana said she was gone. Then she started laughing. She just kept laughing, laughing and laughing. Jon heard and came downstairs to rush me out the door.

Renfield: What are you trying to say, Sister Inway?

Inway: I think that family did something to their baby.

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