County Sheriff's Office Crime Scene Report

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County Sheriff’s Office Crime Scene Report

Reporting Officer: Sgt. Kathleen Hendrix

Date: 10/6/2012

Time: 7:30 AM                                                        

Location: 7631 Tallwell Rd.—Residence of Tessa O’Dell

The deceased (ID: Dallas Gaines) was seated in an easy-chair in the middle of the living room (SE Corner, first floor). Blood had pooled in the carpet beneath the chair and in the chair itself (see case photos 14-27). Although a great deal of blood had spilled, there appeared to be less than is typical for this type of injury. Medical examiners pronounced Mr. Gaines deceased upon arrival. Time of death is placed between when Tessa O’Dell last saw Mr. Gaines alive at 1:00am and roughly 2:30am.

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