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Transcript-Interrogation of Regan Gaines

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Transcript—Interrogation of Regan Gaines

Interrogating Officers:  Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: County Sheriff’s Office

Date: 10/7/2012

Time: 1:30 PM

Dalton: Thank you for coming down Ms. Gaines. I’m Detective Dalton. This is Detective Renfield. We’ll be investigating your brother’s death. I know this must be difficult time for you.

Gaines: Not particularly. My brother and I weren’t very close, and call me Regan.

Dalton: Well, I’m very sorry you had to be involved in this, Regan.

Gaines: Detective, I’m not involved in this, whatever this is. Given Dallas’s history, it was never a stretch to imagine that he would die young. I assume you know about his [PAUSE] criminal track-record.

Dalton: Yes, of course. We have his criminal record on file.

Gaines: I assume you’re talking to me because he was murdered then. Let me save you some time. The last time I saw my brother, he was on trial for something unspeakable. I didn’t care if he went to jail for the rest of his life then, and I don’t care that he’s dead now. I know close to nothing about my brother’s activities, so I don’t think I’ll be a lot of help to you.

Dalton: You were at the trial?

Gaines: Yes, purely as a formality. I thought someone should represent the family. Someone sane, that is.

Dalton: Had you spoken to your brother since the trial?

Gaines: He tried to call me a few days after it was over. I didn’t pick up, and I don’t regret it. Dallas was always the secret that no one wanted to talk about. He’s sort of like having a python as a family member. Everyone is just waiting for something to go wrong. Anyway, I didn’t take the call, and believe me, the family still won’t care. I suspect that when I tell them that Dallas is dead, I’ll hear a lot of “Oh, that’s a shame.” The only ones who might have really cared were my parents, and they’re dead.

Dalton: Well, I’m sorry I have wasted your time. We have to be thorough.

Gaines: How did Dallas die anyway?

Dalton: He was attacked in his home. I suppose it is a long-shot, but do you know of anyone who might have meant Dallas any harm?

Gaines: The father of the girl from the trial.

Dalton: You’re referring to Jonathan Ludarac. Why do you say that?

Gaines: If I were that girl’s dad, I would be pretty [EXPLETIVE DELETED] pissed that Dallas wasn’t in jail where he belonged.

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