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Date: 11/21/2012

Time: 11:40AM

Judge (J): Hon. Milton Crater

Charging Jurisdiction: The People of the State

Accused: Jonathan Ludarac

Prosecuting Counsel: ADA Lucille James

Defense Counsel: Stephen Harker

Bailiff (B): Dep. Paul Barker

B: Case number 24-6-33, The People v. Jonathan Ludarac. Four counts of Murder in the first degree, four counts of conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, two counts of child abuse, one count of domestic abuse.

J: Well, well, well, the famous Jonathan Ludarac. You've caused quite a stir around here. Let's get this started. How does the defendant plea?

Ludarac: Not guilty, Your Honor.

J: What are The People seeking?

James: The people seek remand without bail.

Harker: That's ridiculous, Your Honor. The children have been taken into protective custody, and the only motive The People have in this case is the connection between the four victims and Mr. Ludarac's late daughter. Mr. Ludarac isn't a serial killer. Based on the prosecution's argument, he doesn't pose any threat to society. They have no basis for remand.

James: Your Honor, the County Sheriff's Office has reason to believe that Mr. Ludarac still represents a clear and present danger to the general public.

J: Does this have something to do with the death of Sgt. Eric Renfield, the investigating officer, Ms. James?

James: Yes, that is correct.

J: Does Detective Renfield's death have relevance in this case that I am unaware of? I don't see murder of a law enforcement official listed on the charges.

James: The investigation is ongoing, but there is evidence to suggest a link between Mr. Ludarac and Renfield's death.

J: And what would that link be?

James: Detective Renfield's last known action was to visit Mr. Ludarac off the record. He did not record their conversation as was his custom.

J: A detective visiting a suspect is not odd, Ms. James.

James: He was not supposed to be working the case at the time, and his body was found inside the grave of Lucy Ludarac.

J: Inside the grave?

James: Yes, there had recently been an exhumation. The hole hadn't been filled in yet.

J: And how did the detective die?

James: Cause of death is listed as a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

J: If Mr. Ludarac is not being charged with Sgt. Renfield's murder, let us leave the dearly departed detective out of this. Defense?

Harker: Just what I already stated, Your Honor.

J: And does Mr. Ludarac have anything to say for himself?

Ludarac: The world won't be any safer if I'm locked away from it.

J: That was very cryptic and unhelpful, Mr. Ludarac. I can see this case is going to be interesting. Listen up, ladies and gentlemen. Due to the heinous nature of the crimes Mr. Ludarac is charged with and what I deem a hostile attitude toward the community due to his wife being admitted to a mental institution and his children being taken into protective custody, I believe Mr. Ludarac may be a continuing threat to public safety. I am instructing the Clerk of Court to find the soonest possible trial date. The defendant will be remanded without bail. I'll see you soon, Mr. Ludarac. Next Case.

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