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To: Sgt. Eric Renfield

From: Douglas Keener (Dean of Students-Haven Park High School)

Subject: Kayla Ludarac

Dear Det. Renfield,

I would like to follow up to the concerns you voiced to me yesterday. Our nurse pulled Kayla out of class and after a brief examination, the nurse called me down to her office. My duties as principal now obligate me to tell you what we discovered. I believe Kayla Ludarac to be in serious danger.

When I entered the room, Kayla had her sleeves rolled up to the shoulder and her pants rolled up to the knee. From her wrist up to her shoulder on each arm there had to be about 400 short cuts. They were all arranged into writing. It spelled, "THE LUDARAC'S WILL BURN IN HELL" twenty-two times in a spiral up each arm. It was identical on both arms and legs from the ankle up. Given that it would be inappropriate, I did not see anything else, but our female nurse said the writing is all over her body. She also said that at least some of the writing could not be self-inflicted because it would be physically impossible to bend appropriately to reach the area.

As the cuts were not bleeding, and Kayla did not appear to be in any immediate danger (although she said she was in pain), we did not call an ambulance at the time. Perhaps we should have. Kayla became belligerent at the mention of medical care, so we immediately called the parents. Jonathan Ludarac answered the phone and came over to the school. I explained the situation to him, but he did not react strongly at all. He simply took Kayla away barely saying a word. Kayla is not in school today.

I have filed paperwork with the school board indicating that I have reported suspected abuse to the authorities as mandated by law.

Please help her,

Douglas Keener

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