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[DEFENSE WITNESS #1—Jonathan Ludarac]

J: The defense may now call their witnesses.

Harker: At this time, we believe our case is proven. The defense rests, Your Honor.

Ludarac: I want to testify.

Harker: Sit down, Jonathan. I’m sorry, Your Honor. The defense does rest.

Ludarac: No. I want to testify.

J: Your client wants to testify, Mr. Harker.

Harker: I discussed this with my client. He will not be testifying.

J: Mr. Ludarac, do you want to testify?

Ludarc: Yes, Your Honor.

J: Very well. Please take the stand.

Harker: Your Honor—

J: I asked your client, not you, Mr. Harker. If Mr. Ludarac wants to testify on his own behalf, that is his constitutional right. No one, including you, will stop him. Mr. Ludarac, I hope you understand that you may not be compelled to testify, and if you do, then, legally, you have waived your right to refuse answering any question to which the response may incriminate you.

Ludarac: I understand, Your Honor.

J: Please take the stand, Mr. Ludarac.

Harker: Your Honor, I do not agree with my client’s decision, but with your permission I will do the direct examination.

J: Proceed, Mr. Harker


Harker: Jonathan, did you kill Dallas Gaines, Jack Sitersin, Cullen Krast or Vincent Bates?

Ludarac: No.

Harker: Did you exhume Lucy’s corpse to deceive your son?

Ludarac: No.

Harker: Did you cut the words “The Ludarac’s will burn in hell” into Kayla’s skin?

Ludarac: No.

Harker: Have you ever knowingly committed any action that the court would deem abusive to your children?

Ludarac: No.

Harker: Have you ever intentionally deceived or manipulated your wife into withholding evidence or committing a felony?

Ludarac: No.

Harker: Nothing further, Your Honor.


James: What occurred on the night of October 31st, the night Detective Renfield supposedly saw your daughter, Lucy, in your back yard?

Ludarac: I was not aware of anything going on in my backyard that night. I did not see anything.

James: Mr. Ludarac, do you believe that Dallas Gaines, Jack Sitersin, Cullen Krast and Vincent Bates raped and murdered your daughter, Lucy Ludarac?

Ludarac: Yes.

James: Did you kill them?

Harker: Objection, asked and answered.

J: Sustained

James: Did you purchase this knife from Necrosis Occult and Novelty Items?

Ludarac: Yes.

James: Why?

Ludarac: I bought it for my wife.

James: What did she intend to do with it?

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