Transcript-Interrogation of Dana Ludarac

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Transcript-Interrogation of Dana Ludarac

Interrogating Officers: Sgt. Eric Renfield, Sgt. Adam Dalton

Location: 6336 Mallum Ave.-Home of Dana Ludarac

Date: 10/22/2012

Time: 1:50 PM

Dalton: Good afternoon, Ms. Ludarac. My name is Detective Dalton, and this is my partner Detective Renfield. We're here to ask you a few questions.

Ludarac: You already talked to my husband.

Dalton: We still needed to follow up with you. We need to be thorough, even if it means we have to retrace our steps.

Renfield: Ms. Ludarac, where were you the night of October 6th?

Ludarac: I believe my husband already told you we were both at home that night.

Renfield: How about the night of the 14th and early morning of the 15th?

Ludarac: We were at home again, Detectives. I don't know what you're thinking, but we didn't do anything.

Dalton: We're just trying to gather all the facts.

Ludarac: Just like you did for my daughter?

Dalton: We're not here about your daughter's case.

Ludarac: Oh, so my daughter's murderers are off the hook? You've moved on to more important things?

Dalton: Dana, we-

Ludarac: Don't you dare call me Dana. I'm Ms. Ludarac to you, or if you prefer, you can call me Lucy's mom. That might remind you to do your jobs. Cooper, go back upstairs right now.

Renfield: Actually, we would like to speak with him as well.

Ludarac: You can talk to my son over my dead body. Do you have any more questions for me?

Dalton: Ms. Ludarac, if something has happened, if someone close to you has [Pause] done something, you're not helping them by hiding it from us. You're making it worse. We understand that you have been through a difficult time-

Ludarac: A difficult time? Is that what you call it when someone's daughter is raped, murdered and an incompetent justice system lets the men who did it walk away without any consequences?

Renfield: The men who you're accusing are dying one by one, Ms. Ludarac.

Ludarac: Good. They deserve to die, and so do you for that matter. How dare you come to me and my family and accuse us of wrongdoing. When we were wronged, you sat there and did nothing, and my daughter paid the price for your inaction. You couldn't do anything to us if you wanted to. Lucy will get her revenge; I promise you that. Lucy will protect our family because she can do it better than we can protect ourselves. We know that now. She isn't subject to your laws anymore. She'll come for you. She'll drag you down to hell where you belong, and I won't do anything but laugh.

Dalton: Thank you for your time, Ms. Ludarac. If we require any more information, we'll be in touch.

[Door Slams]

Renfield: Well, she was a treat.

Dalton: Turn the recorder off.

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