Transcript-911 Call

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Transcript-911 Call

Date: 10/15/2012

Time: 1:27 AM

Operator: 911, what is your emergency?

Caller: Please help. [Indiscernible]

Operator: What is your emergency, sir?

Caller: [Indiscernible]

Operator: I'm sorry sir, I did not understand that. You need to speak more clearly. What is your emergency?

Caller: [Indiscernible] here [Indiscernible] can't [Indiscernible]

Operator: Is someone in your home sir?

Caller: No [Indiscernible].

Operator: Sir, I need your location.

Caller: [Indiscernible]

Operator: Sir, you need to speak clearly. Is someone in your home?

Caller: [Indiscernible] standing there. Please.

Operator: Sir, do you know who is in your home?

Caller: [Indiscerible] [Segment deemed inadmissible] [Indiscerible].

Operator: [Segment deemed inadmissible].

Caller: [Indiscernible]

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