Finders, Keepers. | Scomiche by TopazAngle
Finders, Keepers. | Scomicheby TopazAngle
An anonymous tip led Detective Scott Hoying and his team to a warehouse full of hundreds of pictures of New York residents. What happens when Scott is assigned to watch...
  • boyxboy
  • superfruit
  • fluff
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Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Psychic Detective by BenSobieck
Glass Eye: Confessions of a Fake Benjamin Sobieck
Prequel to the 2016 Wattys winner, "Black Eye" (Featured by @TheGirlOnTheTrain) * Her psychic powers are fake, but the kidnapped girl she must find is real. * ...
  • wattpadstars
  • supernatural
  • investigator
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Royalty in Death - an In Death series fanfic (J.D. Robb) by Chimpukampu
Royalty in Death - an In Death Chimpukampu
Somebody murdered and threatened a prominent figure that could cause a great rift between countries, and it's Lt. Eve Dallas task to capture the perpetrator...even if sh...
  • futuristic
  • cops
  • nypd
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I Know, You Know (Death Note) *L/OC* by risemboolranger
I Know, You Know (Death Note) *L/ Toni Geens
Gee Shidou, private eye, is working on her biggest case yet. Is she happy to be working alongside the world's greatest detective when it's really getting her competitive...
  • mystery
  • ryuzaki
  • anime
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What's In A Name (Death Note) *L/OC* by risemboolranger
What's In A Name (Death Note) *L/ Toni Geens
Series of one-shots/side stories to "I Know, You Know". Everyone knows that names are interchangeable, especially for a detective. But a name - and the relatio...
  • investigation
  • note
  • ryuzaki
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