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County Coroner's Office Autopsy Report

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County Coroner’s Office Autopsy Report

Name of Deceased: Jack Sitersin

Sex: Male         

Height: 6’1”

Weight: 162lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Blue

Race: Caucasian

Distinguishing Marks: None

Cause of Death: Exsanguination. As indicated on the CSI report, there were two objects lodged in the deceased’s throat: his testicles. However, this was done post-mortem or very close to it. The actual cause of death was due to the injury on the groin. The manner in which the deceased’s genitals were removed resembles an animal attack. The injury displays aspects similar to a mauling, however no animal DNA or hairs were recovered which indicates human involvement rather than animal. The genitals were ripped away to the left which suggests that the attacker is most likely left-handed. This caused the deceased to bleed out over the course of roughly ten minutes. The testicles were subsequently pushed into his throat. The penis was found buried in the deceased’s rectum. No human DNA (other than Sitersin’s) was found. Area was most likely swept clean of evidence.

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