Interdepartmental Memo

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Interdepartmental Memo

To: Sgt. Adam Dalton

From: Kelly Xiong (Office of Crime Scene Investigation)

Subject: Knife

Sgt. Dalton,

We've run the standard barrage of tests on the knife you brought in. Here are the results:

1.) The knife, as you suspected, is covered in blood. We ran what we found through DNA identification and found that the blood on the knife belongs to two different people: Dallas Gaines and an unknown person. This unknown person is a Ludarac. The DNA matches the family line, but it does not belong to Dana, Jonathan, Cooper or Kayla. Either Dana or Jonathan must have an illegitimate child. I even tested it against Lucy's DNA (you'll see why in #2), but that was not a match either.

2.) There were fingerprints all over the thing as well. This is where things get rather strange. I found fingerprints from every member of the Ludarac family: Jonathan, Dana, Cooper and Kayla, but also Lucy's. Your guess is as good as mine as to how they got there

3.) The inscription on the blade, as I'm sure you are aware, reads, "THE LUDARAC'S WILL BURN IN HELL." I can tell you that the inscription was made recently. It was also made using extreme heat. Someone melted the blade rather than use the traditional method of carving the words into it.

4.) The blade of the knife matches the blade that killed Dallas Gaines exactly.

Kelly Xiong

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