The People v. Jonathan Ludarac (Abridged)

The People v. Jonathan Ludarac (Abridged)

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This document is the property of The United States Department of Justice. Any dissemination of this document without proper permission from the aforementioned government agency is punishable up to the amount of $500,000 and ten years of federal imprisonment.

This collection of documents was assembled at the request of the jury for the purpose of assisting them in reaching a verdict in the case of The People v. Jonathan Ludarac. It contains relevant aspects of the investigation leading to the aforementioned trial and a transcript of the pertinent parts of the trial itself. All of the content contained herein has been reviewed by legal counsel for both the prosecution and defense. All information has been verified to the most possible extent.

Each document is labeled by format and mode of communication. Some of the documents do not appear in their entirety. In some instances, relevant information has been extracted from larger documents for continuity and to highlight important details pertaining to the arguments made by counsel.

The content of the documents contained here have not been altered in any significant way. Some statements in some documents have been deemed inadmissible by the judge. In these cases, the place of the statement or statements is replaced by a bold note indicating the omission.

To the twelve citizens who are tasked with determining the guilt of Jonathan Ludarac, may you find the truth in these unfortunate events. The citizens of the United States of America have placed their faith in you to assign guilt or lack thereof in this matter. Let justice prevail as the result of your efforts.

The defendant is innocent until proven guilty.

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Photo Adapted by Maria Bartholdi
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OllyWrites OllyWrites Jun 16, 2016
Aha....aha....w...wait are they serious....?
                              O...or is this just the intro to the book?
                              Is this a true story??
LizCharnes LizCharnes Dec 06, 2015
Okay, so this is a spooky murder trial. I love how you make evil visually a snake ...slithering, hydra, I think you say snake, even. I probably shouldn't read this before bed.
Falijn Falijn Mar 06, 2015
The title drew me in and three introduction sealed the deal. Never thought that boring legalese would spark my interest as this did, but there you go...
RichardStaschy RichardStaschy Jan 12, 2015
The legal notice is interesting and a little alarming. Is this a story? 
                              I will suggest to update the summary to give the reader an idea that this is a story.
RichardMcLarn RichardMcLarn Dec 29, 2014
Ha! I never thought about that. I do enjoy Death Note though...