St. Andrew's Foster Institution for Lost Youth Admission Report

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St. Andrew's Foster Institution for Lost Youth Admission Report

Date: [REDACTED][1]

Student: Jonathan Ludarac

Age: 13

Grade Admission: 7th Grade

Summary: Jonathan had previously been adopted by a couple: Rachel and Jacob Wienstien[2]. He was absent from the institution for six months before he was dropped off at the front gate with a note. The note reads as follows:

Dear St. Andrew's Staff,

We are so sorry, but we cannot take care of Jonathan. He has proven to be too much of a challenge on both our marriage and our lives. He cannot live in our house with us. We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are afraid of him.

If you are to take him back (we recommend that you do not), please lock him away somewhere dark and bury the key. These are the measures that we would have taken to return our lives to normal if we were emotionally capable of doing so. Neither of us wants to lock a child away no matter what the circumstances. He is not fit to be alive. He is either a monster or one travels with him.

Please do not contact us again. We will not return any communication.


Rachel and Jacob Wienstien

Jonathan has been re-admitted to the institution. Prospective adoption parents should be given no knowledge of this information.

[1] Redacted to protect private information

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