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To: Lt. William Barton

From: Sgt. Adam Dalton

Subject: Formal Requests

Lt Barton,

I have attached all necessary documents for the requests outlined here.

#1: I am requesting a search warrant for the Ludarac home (6336 Mallum Ave.). I believe this search will yield vital evidence to the investigation.

#2: I am requesting that the state take temporary custody of Cooper and Kayla Ludarac, pending an investigation of child abuse committed by Jonathan and Dana Ludarac. I believe both children to be in extreme mental and physical jeopardy.

#3: I am requesting permission to question Cooper and Kayla Ludarac in connection with the homicide investigation. Certain links have led me to believe that the children may possess knowledge of their father's actions. I would like the District Attorney's office to obtain a court order allowing me to question the children without the parents present.

#4: I have grown concerned about Renfield's connection to this case. I believe his performance as a detective has declined as the case has progressed. He is still presenting some interesting theories regarding the suspect, although his statements and beliefs about what has occurred are becoming bizarre (for lack of a better word). It may be beneficial for you to have him go see the department therapist.

Sgt. Adam Dalton

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