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[PROSECUTION WITNESS #3— Ralph Kelly]     


James: Mr. Kelly, can you state your occupation for the record?

Kelly: I own and operate a business called Necrosis Occult and Novelty Items.

James: Do you recognize the defendant?

Kelly: Yes. He has come into my store on two occasions.

James: What occurred the first time he came into your store?

Kelly: He milled around looking uncomfortable for a while. I think he browsed through a few books until he found one he liked and purchased it.

James: Is there a reason that you remember the defendant so specifically?

Kelly: The shop I run attracts a specific client base. He is quite far outside it. He stood out.

James: What happened the second time he came in?

Kelly: He bought a knife.

James: What kind of knife?

Kelly: I sell decorative blades. He bought one.

James: Can you describe it?

Kelly: It had a handle and a blade. It was fancier than your average knife. I’m not really sure what you’re asking for.

James: Is this the knife you sold Jonathan Ludarac?

Kelly: Yeah, that looks like it.

James: Nothing further.


Harker: Mr. Kelly, what book did Jonathan Ludarac purchase?

Kelly: I don’t know.

Harker: You don’t know?

Kelly: No, I can’t remember.

Harker: But you remember Mr. Ludarac coming into your store?

Kelly: Yes.

Harker: Let me get this straight. You cannot remember what book he bought, and you can’t remember exactly what the knife he allegedly purchased looks like, but you expect us to believe that suddenly you have a photographic memory when it comes to faces?

James: Objection. Badgering.

J: Sustained.

Harker: Did the person whom you believe to be Jonathan Ludarac mention the reason he was purchasing the knife?

Kelly: No.

Harker: How long was your interaction with this person each time he came into your store?

Kelly: I don’t know, maybe a minute or two.

Harker: Nothing further.

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