Secretly Falling Inlove with You (completed) by Sapphire-_-emot
Secretly Falling Inlove with You ( Chibi~Senpai
Isang lalaking hearthrob, matalino, sikat, mayaman at masama ang ugali. Masikreto at anak ng isang killer. Maraming sikreto ang nakabalot sa pagkatao nya. Kailangan ng...
  • teenfiction
  • family
  • mafia
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Nicholas Grey Must Not Die by sayhellokk
Nicholas Grey Must Not Dieby =
Nicholas Grey was a player. It was a simple fact. He sat atop the class pyramid at Kingston High. With his secretly good grades, athletic skills and beyond Adonis good l...
  • highschool
  • youngadult
  • romance
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The Cursed Hill (Rick Thane Book 1) by AE_KIrk
The Cursed Hill (Rick Thane Book 1)by Abigail
Rick Thane can see the dead. He's not a medium, he's not a ghost hunter, he's not a psychic- he is a Spiritual Therapist and he's here to help. If your house is haunted...
  • haunted
  • cute
  • witch
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Trial Camp by SeraphTitan
Trial Campby Lachlan Clarke
Exactly 150 students are taken away from the most prestigious school in the world. What would happen if this camp you are going to is something that was never expected...
  • blood
  • survival
  • camp
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Of Reluctant Allies (The 9+1 Rule For Survival)*SPN x Daredevil*Damned If I Do by Anika_Ann_M
Of Reluctant Allies (The 9+1 Anika_Ann_M
In which Dean and Sam meet the Devil who may care and his little sister who may not be his little sister, everyone has a fake alias and bleeds too much, Claire is not am...
  • trial
  • mattmurdock
  • daredevil
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3 T's by AdelleH
3 T'sby Adelle
Trials, tests, temptations. Everyone goes through them but we all deal with them differently. In a community where you feel out of place, what will you do if these three...
  • test
  • god
  • jesuschrist
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Gladers dreams and world. Have to warn you that there might be more Gally than anything.
  • minho
  • kaya
  • newt
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How Does One Simply Forget (Book 2- On the Edge Series)  by Cunning_Bekah
How Does One Simply Forget (Book Cunning_Bekah
Now I know what you're thinking (maybe I'm not telepathic but...) a Cheesy name to go with a cheesy book and an even cheesier description. But may a tell you this book...
  • death
  • christina
  • ontheedge
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The Trials of Potential  by Cianna77
The Trials of Potential by Read_write_repeat
Avery has always been different. She's about to turn 13. Which means she has to go through a trial, but what kind of trial? Cover made by @RandomGaynes
  • cianna77
  • presly
  • wattys2018
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Glass *Slow Updates* by Microwavableovens
Glass *Slow Updates*by Rosie Bennett
Chaos and war pollute the now desperate human race. In effort to counter it the creators of this very earth take it upon themselves to erase everything. But the humans h...
  • fantasy
  • adventure
  • magic
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Taking Him In by -Line-28-
Taking Him Inby -Line-28-
After the war, the Malfoys are put on trial for the things they've done. Lucius knows where he's going. There is still hope for Narcissa. Draco on the other hand is the...
  • wizardingworld
  • harry
  • trial
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Inhaled  by lindsaybebe
Inhaled by lindsaybebe
Erika: a smoker, cheerleader, a lot of friends, meets hot twins, falls for them, what could go wrong? EVERYTHING...
  • fallingforthedolantwins
  • drama
  • trial
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Earth on Trial by NoahShriver2
Earth on Trialby Drake Shriver
Mya Ondurta gains a trip to the Federation to earn an Art of Law degree. Through her studies she uncovers a strange set of regulations against a planet called "Ear...
  • culmination
  • fiction
  • mya
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Delivering Justice (Completed) by mlts2014
Delivering Justice (Completed)by MLTS Territory ®️
This story takes place over five days, during the murder trial of Rawshawn Williams. Following Raw's girlfriend at the time of his death, Xiya Davis and Raw's side chick...
  • murder
  • trial
  • blacklove
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She Wolf by JocylinAnthony
She Wolfby Jocylin Anthony
COVER BY @rachels8766graphic !!!!! Below is an excerpt! _________________________________ According to the huge grandfather clock in the corner of this asshole's living...
  • adventure
  • wolf
  • rogue
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The Sixth Trial [H.S.] by missxlovely
The Sixth Trial [H.S.]by Addie
"I think we were meant to be, but we just did it the wrong way..." --------- In which a tale between Adelaide and Harry is told, only to start where they finis...
  • doctor
  • dystopian
  • styles
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Magisterium, The Iron Trial ( Aaron Stewart love story) by Lunachavezoo1
Magisterium, The Iron Trial ( Lunachavezoo1
The only thing Quetzali Arwin wanted ever since she was 5 was going to the magisterium. And she eventually does, she even gets to make some friends and discover new thin...
  • tamara
  • magisterium
  • iron
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Cinderella Contract by Meevbota123
Cinderella Contractby Meevbota123
Play his dream girl just don't lose your heart in the process It started as any great love story did, the no strings attached bit. He's dealing with his own tragedy and...
  • tests
  • humor
  • love
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The World Is Worth A Smile by AutumnSwift1
The World Is Worth A Smileby Autumn Swift
A turbulent past full of violence and fear has meant that Jasmine Hope Barness can't see past the terror around her. But when an attempted suicide fails, and the ghosts...
  • relationships
  • trial
  • jump
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The Journey for Jams by BTSArmyTv
The Journey for Jamsby Bijo Dorito •|• Yoshi Hoshi
This is a trial to see if you are strong enough to receive my worthy jams (Also i don't have an image of a journey...I'm too lazy to find here is a Got7 im...
  • trial
  • games
  • welcome
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