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To: Eric Renfield

From: Kelly Xiong

Subject: Ludarac case


The files will probably be on your desk tomorrow morning, but you said you wanted me to update you ASAP on our findings, so here they are.

Everything found in the kitchen was clean, not a speck of human blood on anything. The same is true of all the common household implements (staple remover, paper cutter, chainsaw, etc.). The discarded razor blades from the bathroom had human blood on them. They match Kayla Ludarac. The discarded cartridge has blood that matches Jonathan.

The blood from the carpet sample is unidentifiable. It has been contaminated with ammonia and possibly bleach. It is a mixture of blood from two different people (There are two different blood types), but identification of who those two people are is impossible due to the contamination.

The book is a whole other realm of weird. The blood is unidentifiable, so much so that we can't even tell if it's human. Our source over here is still trying to date it, but he says it almost certainly dates back a few centuries, if not more. I'm serious, Eric. Our artifacts guy, Philip Besky, wigged out when he saw that thing, but he seems to really love artifacts. You may just want to come and talk to him in person (although he's a little weird ;) ).

Anyway, I'll let you know if we find out anything else. Are you going to Tony's this weekend?



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